What are eyebrows supposed to look like?

Eyebrows have been a fascination for ages, and they’re not going anywhere. After all, what’s more expressive than a well-arched eyebrow? But with the growth of social media and beauty standards, eyebrows have become more than just facial hair – they’ve become an art form.

So what are eyebrows supposed to look like in today’s society? The answer may surprise you (or maybe it won’t). Let’s dive into the world of brows!

Bigger is Not Always Better

We live in times where bigger seems better. From oversized clothing to jumbo-sized lattes at coffee shops, we love that extra oomph. How does this apply to eyebrows though? Well, unfortunately for some people who went ham on their caterpillar-like brows thinking it would make them look great: huge bushy slugs above your eyes isn’t always cute.

In fact, having thinner or natural-looking brows can be just as striking without overindulging in colored pencils and stencils! So keep those tweezers handy but without plucking too much as that might result in sparse-looking hairs; learn which areas need shaping and defining from professional tutorials online so that you can frame your face correctly based on its shape.

Know Your Face Shape

Speaking of “shaping” – did you know knowing your face shape matters when deciding how your eyebrows should appear? If you didn’t – now ya know! Different shapes may require different styles (duh) but let me give you some examples:

Round Faces

Are characterized by width being equal lengthwise unlike other shapes such as oval or diamond-shaped faces which occupy slightly oblong contours reaching down along the jawline region while round ones also tend toward full cheeks rather than sharp angular lines.

The goal when creating eyebrow shapes around rounded cheekbones is by elongating one’s appearance in order to boost facial excellencies using soft, angled features atop the brow bone – this typically involves creating longer lines through arching techniques.

Square Faces

With those of square face shape, a more curved brow arch is often needed than other shapes such as heart-shaped or oval. This comes from elevating the front section of their arched brows giving them an overall softened appearance; diamonds usually have wider foreheads tapering progressively down towards simply define-the-jawlines alongside at least somewhat pointed chins while rectangles also tend to have shorter forehead shapes comparing to other parts like nose or cheeks.

Consider experimenting with a softer curve underside at the final quarter of eyebrows for that rounded look perfect for these faces!

Heart-Shaped Faces

For all my lovely heart-shaped faced people out there: Start by creating an elliptical eyebrow base. Use color and shaping techniques around your eyes’ outer edges and inner corners (I don’t know what I’m saying but you probably do since it’s your face). Asymmetry generally works well here; keep one area slightly thicker than another side (closest to best eye-angle), thus putting focus away from where too much attention might make awkward shallowness happen on tip most bottom line–overdone leading unattractive small circle faces based upon mouth/nose prominence recede into smaller foregrounds!

Give Your Brows a Little T.L.C

Just like hair needs maintenance (unless you’re going for the “don’t care” vibe which we all attempted during lockdown), so do our fabulous fuzz friends! Stay hydrated & nourished while absorbing Vitamin E-rich foods/beauty products because healthy hairs will lead happier life-cycles keeping their boldness over time without any interventions performed frequently enough being maintained quite transformatively sometimes previously found scarce despite hoping remaining resilient against genetic/environmental stressors alike.

Eyebrows are arguably the crown jewels on someone’s facial structure, and nothing can beat that feeling once you nail them. There’s no single answer to how your brows should look like – it all depends on multiple factors such as the shape of your face, personal style preferences & lifestyle choices, among others.

So next time someone asks what eyebrows are supposed to look like? Be confident in suggesting they take the plunge and find their perfect match through a variety of techniques available nowadays. Trust me; when those bad boys are thick and fierce or thin and classy — people NOTICE!