What are clear liquid foods?

Ah, clear liquid foods! The holy grail of diets and a must-try for anyone who wants to lose weight without starving their poor souls. But what are they exactly? Before we dive into the wonderland of clear liquids, let’s start with the basics.

What Are Clear Liquid Foods?

Clear liquid foods are pretty much what they sound like – fluids that you can see through. These include juices, broths, herbal teas or anything else that doesn’t contain any chunks or solid matter floating around. While some people may scoff at these meals due to their liquid form and lack of sustenance (silly buggers), others love them because they’re nourishing and soothing on the digestive system.

Who Should Consider a Clear Liquids Diet?

It ain’t rocket science folks! Anyone who needs quick and easy nutrition should invest in some tasty liquids like those sour cocktails some gastroenterologists suggest after a colonoscopy procedure (a cleansing so delightful it’ll make your insides dance). Some examples of when consuming fluids is beneficial could be:

  • After being struck by an acute illness
  • Suffering from chronic illnesses such as Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis
  • Recently discharged from surgery
  • Looking to restart bowel function after constipation has left you feeling bloated AF
  • Preparing your body before certain medical tests

List Of Recommended Clear Liquid Options For Your ‘Hunger’ Needs:

Now that you know who can benefit from this magical diet change let us introduce our favorite products – all trusty bottles filled with magic elixirs that will help quench hunger while keeping things “clear.”

Liquid Foods Consistency Description
Water Liquid The most obvious but sometimes ignored option helps flush out toxins
Broth (chicken or vegetable) Slightly thicker Better than water when you’re looking to switch things up
Herbal tea Liquid Gives just enough warmth without feeling like ‘food’
Clear fruit juices Thin and watery Opt for ones low-fat options rather than sugar-laden drinks

What Foods Should You Avoid?

Sadly folks, not everything can slide down our throats so easily. While ice cream may be a liquid in its melted form- it doesn’t contain the beneficial vitamins we crave from clear liquids.

Here’s what to avoid adopting as part of your new diet:

  • Smoothies – they typically retain most fibres & pulp regardless of blending
  • Carbonated beverages (hurts with gas!)
  • Juices that are high on added sugars
  • Full fat broths or soups

Benefits Of Liquid Diets

We all know diets aren’t always the easiest but starting one which requires sipping is something even laziest couch potatoes might enjoy! There are several reasons anyone would allow their stomachs this much-needed time-off without going hungry throughout:

  1. Provides Digestive Rest: Clear liquid diets relieve digestive stress caused by heavier solids because digestion takes less energy allowing organs to relax while still boasting nourishing essential electrolytes keeping dehydration at bay.
  2. Promotes Detoxification: A nutrient-dense beverage-only regime helps clean out toxin build-up stored in tissues preventing chronic conditions while promoting healthier skin too.
  3. Drop In Body Weight: Let’s admit it, one reason many chose these clear bottles is an expeditious way of losing weight considering they tendence more towards hydration hence reducing calorie intake naturally

When considering such benefits let us resign ourselves to refrain from those coffees laced with triple whips…no matter how eye-closing-good!

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Most times, changing a diet isn’t always without its own adverse effects! In this case some of the risks may include decreased insulin sensitivity due to lack of blood sugar spikes, dehydration or more severe diarrhoea if high carb liquid diets are adhered to. Thus, it is crucial that prior consultation with your medical advisor occurs especially as an exclusive lifestyle change.

How Long Can One Follow This Diet?

It’s possible you’re looking into clear liquids after leaving a hospital stay and require short-term cleansing. If you ‘go the extra mile’ like us health junkies choosing this nutrient dense selection just for fun should limit days spent on fully-liquid regimens.

In other words – hey buddy, long-term use ain’t so safe!


There we have it folks! Now you know everything there is about clear liquid foods – who can benefit from them, what options exist out there while thereafter debunking myths surrounding their benefits in entirety. Remember our tip list above when deciding which fluid diets work better for your body’s needs ensuring proper research beforehand especially before consuming these meals exclusively longer than required or intended by experts./C’est finis/

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