What antibiotics are used for a bacterial infection?

If you’re feeling under the weather, it could be due to the dreaded bacterial infection. Fear not! There are plenty of antibiotics available to treat those pesky bacteria. Here is everything you need to know about antibiotics and which ones are used for what.

Why Do We Need Antibiotics?

Bacteria can cause various types of infections ranging from mild illnesses such as ear infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and strep throat to more severe conditions that require hospitalization like sepsis or pneumonia. Taking an antibiotic is one way we fight off these nasty infections.

Here’s how they work: When your body recognizes harmful bacteria, your immune system sends white blood cells on a mission to attack them. However, when the invasion gets too much for these warriors alone, doctors prescribe special drugs known as antibiotics that directly kill or halt bacterial growth in their tracks.

How Do I Know If I Have a Bacterial Infection?

Wondering if you have that type of infection? Well first things first- Please don’t even think about diagnosing yourself based only on symptoms! Instead trust your gut – actually not literally but pay close attention – and watch out for unusual signs in your body including:

  • High fever
  • Pain while urinating
  • Persistent cough without signs of flu
  • Bloody diarrhea

You guessed it; all these above points could be indications of an underlying bacterial illness needing medical intervention. So don’t hold back; go straight ahead and schedule an appointment with a qualified physician!

What Types Of Antibiotics Are There?

Before picking up those colorful capsules at your local pharmacy – hint hint: Just keep reading!. It’s better everyone has atleast some basic familiarity with existing antibiotics categories


Penicillin was discovered almost 100 years ago by Alexander Fleming-and remains commonly prescribed today. Penicillins are effective against common bacteria and commonly used to treat skin, respiratory tract, and urinary tract infections.


Cephalosporin-class antibiotics share family resemblance with penicillins but are deemed generally more potent by doctors. While they’re prescribed for a personal assortment of bacterial infections such as pneumonia they virtually never can be mixed with alcohol consumption or else everyone’s worst-case scenario;- Nausea is guaranteed.


If you’re allergic to penicillin – this should get your attention! Macrolide-class antibiotic drugs serve as one of the most useful alternatives. They target common respiratory tract infections like bronchitis and prevent scarlet fever!


These 1950s-originating class of antibiotics have stood the test-of-time proving highly effective against several types of bacteria however its notable worth reminding that consuming dairy products while on these medications could yield an unpleasant outcome like diarrhea- uugh !

Which Antibiotics Treat Different Bacterial Infections?

Depending on what kind of bacterial infection you’ve got – Your physician will choose which medication best fits your ailments management plan

Type Of Antibiotic Effectively treats
Amoxicillin / Augmentin Skin ,Urinary Tract Respiratory Infections
Azithromycin Streptococcus,Pneumonia
Ceftriaxone Pneumonia,Meningitis
Clindamycin Bone infections,Dental (but why ?)

Ever heard about resistance? Not cardio at the gym- A phenomenon in microbiology i.e overuse/misuse causes certain microbes to develop defenses rendering that particular drug ineffective To avoid resistance don’t forget always complete full prescription

What Happens if I Misuse or Overuse Antibiotics?

It is always to your best interest to use antibiotics only under the guidance of a medical professional.

Popping an antibiotic without being diagnosed correctly could result in dangerous health complications rather than fixing the problem at hand; such as developing bacterial infections that are drug-resistant since you destroyed your good bacteria along with it – making the body vulnerable and needing more medication.

The usage of antibiotics often leads to superfluous prescribing, fueling its prevalence in our lives even where other options can work just as well.. The next time feel free ask questions about alternative treatments like dietary changes /analgesics/depoxifying remedies diet/lifestyle modifications instead!

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