What alcoholic drinks can diabetics have?

Diabetes is a long-term condition that affects how your body handles glucose, the main source of energy in your cells. It’s an insidious and complex disease and managing it can be challenging. Now, let me take a moment to talk about booze. We all know that drinking alcoholic drinks responsibly might have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease or easing stress (well at least until you remember everything embarrassing you’ve ever done after just two whiskey sours).

What most people don’t know is what kinds of alcohol we can drink when we have diabetes without throwing off our blood sugar levels-obviously not sticking to it could lead to diabeetus decompensation/medical crisis-something every diabetic needs to avoid like the plague So today I’m here with good news: You don’t necessarily need to give up on having fun with friends or family while managing diabetes (Whoopee! Send out the invites).

Let’s get cracking and delve into some alcoholic beverages:

Champagne & Wine – For That Extra Touch Of Class

If you’re aiming for sophistication then champagne will always be top of mind or if red wine works better for your palate why not splurge out on something special – indulge in that full-bodied bottle from Bordeaux as red wine has many positive attributes including antioxidants which may benefit any inflammatory conditions associated with Diabetes(Of course this does NOT mean downing 3 bottles Sherlock through)-Drink responsibly Einstein!!

Spirit Lovers-Hard Liquor (Spirits) Is Your Friend

It is understandable if most diabetic individuals prefer hard liquor over beer /wine because they contain less carbs leaving less impact on blood glucose levels (that gin connoisseur in us thrive!) , ranging from vodka, rum (Try spiced rum-blissful heaven) bourbon ((why yes darling!!!))and gin; which have a low carb content, making it a well-matched choice for people with diabetes as enjoying single or doubles small amounts of these types of alcohol should not significantly raise blood sugar levels(Absolutely no excessive drinking parties/Baccanals!!)

Mixed Drinks –The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Mixed alcoholic drinks are tricky when you have to consider your blood sugar level. It is best to steer clear from those heavily mixed cocktails that can contain an outrageous amount of sugary mixers such as fruit juices (margarita anyone?) adding unwanted carbohydrates that may cause dangerous highs in your blood glucose levels (Do not give into peer pressure!). However, by sticking to simple recipes e.g.mojitos just might be the perfect way forward!

Beer – Yes Or No?

An ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? Hmm… problem is- each serving contains approximately 10 -20 grams carbs and empty calories (oh heavens!), enough reason for diabetics like us to say no thank you ! We’re better off downing something else.

‘Alcohol-Free’ Drinks ? Think Before You Drink!

Can we rely upon alcohol-free drinks without any role in elevating our sugar levels? Sadly no.These “alcohol-free” alternatives will most likely increase our insulin resistance (Nooooo!! So annoying) so these options aren’t particularly advised either.

So there we have it folks- drinks diabetics could knock back responsibly . Keep calm and carry on managing diabetes while being the life and soul of party!

Here’s some tips:

Choose Wisely & Space Out Your Drinks…

It’s suggested only moderate intake plus alternating with non-alcoholic beverages/water between shots minimizes risk during social events since diluting booze helps minimize glycemic response afterward

Test Blood Sugar Regularly!

To make informed decisions testing blood sugars after a few drinks may help catch and fix high or low blood sugar levels before any crisis occurs.

Plan Ahead, Stay Safe!

Whether it’s picking your favorite light beer or ordering that vodka soda during happy hour ,remember to plan ahead so you can make healthy decisions, look after yourself whilst still having an awesome time! (cocktail umbrellas included)

Advice In Short

  1. You don’t need to shy away from alcohol when diabetic.
  2. People with diabetes have plenty of alcohol options available if they opt for moderation.
  3. Beer isn’t the best choice for diabetics as it contains substantial carbohydrates; yet other spirits are safer due to their lower carb content e.g rum,vodka,gim etc..
  4. Avoid cocktails containing heavy sugary mixers;typical fruit juices and syrups.
  5. Monitor sugar regularly while drinking-alternate with water!
    6.Plan ahead! Always stay safe
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Note – This is not written by a doctor and should never replace professional medical advice on diabetes management .


Cheers 🥂 🍷 🥃🍸

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