What after gm diet?

So, you have completed the gm diet and are feeling all skinny and fabulous! But what happens now? You can’t just go back to eating cheeseburgers and fries every day. Trust me, I tried it once, and my body immediately resembled a potato. So let’s dive into what comes after the glorious but challenging GM Diet.

Hurray I am done with GM Diet

Yes!!! Congratulations on completing the Journey of torture that was your seven-day GM diet plan. It’s high time for some celebrations, fancy dinner parties, and wine nights with friends! Wait…what??? No way!

You need to stick to a proper meal plan at least for another week after finishing this low-calorie life-changing experience. Your stomach has shrunk; don’t intake anything heavy or oily right away.

The Post-GM-Diet Meal Plan

After doing an extensive online research, talking to nutritionists, ‘eat’ generally is a safer word than die(t), we came up with an effective 1200 calorie per day meal plan that will help maintain weight loss along with providing necessary nutrients.

Here’s how it looks:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 A bowl of oatmeal Quinoa Salad Grilled chicken breast
2 Egg-white omelet Turkey wrap Baked salmon
3 Yogurt parfait     Vegetable stir-fry         Stuffed bell pepper      
4   Gluten-free toast       Mixed bean salad |Vegetable lasagna  
5         Banana pancakes       Rice noodle soup           \ Sweet potato mild curry  
6         Boiled egg and avocado    Chicken breast with salad Grilled fish and vegetables 
7     Greek yogurt           Tuna Salad Bowl Baked chicken thighs w/veggies  

Some other snack options that you can have during the day are-

· Almonds
· Fruits: Apple, blueberries or strawberries
· Roasted chickpeas

Remember to stay hydrated; always involve liquids in your diet.

Workout Regime

Congrats on losing weight but please don’t sit around feeling ecstatic about it. You need to work even harder now! Workout regimes after the GM plan should be regular so that you can maintain your new body figure.

Begin by doing an aerobic exercise like walking for at least 20 minutes a day then working up gradually to do strength training sessions such as floor exercises.

You will notice that even small workouts cause more sweat and burning sensation than before, which is normal. Keep pushing yourself!

Don’t go back to Your Old Eating Habits

Now I know how yummy all those cheesy dips, cream-filled pastries,and deep fried everything feels, but remember they’re also responsible for making you unhealthy again. Don’t let them win over healthy eating habits acquired after a week of hard work.

One way to keep motivated is by keeping track of what you eat every day using food journals or apps like MyFitnessPal because accountability comes first.

Treat yourself with a cheat meal once or twice per month, when “The stomach wants- What The Stomach Wants” mindset starts nagging at you.

Work on Building Muscle

You just ground off layers upon layers of fat from your body lose skin may appear. Unfortunately one cant get anything without giving something first?

Muscle building would be an ideal solution resulting in tightening saggy skin, restoring vitality, and make you stronger. Remember to do it gradually and under proper supervision?

Lifestyle changes are permanent

Now that the diet plan is done after a week, it’s time to make sure that those healthy lifestyle decisions you made stick with you.

So stop being lazy and get your daily steps in: walk everywhere possible or create an at-home workout routine.

Cook for yourself because nobody else knows what works best for your body than yourself!

Always stay positive by remembering why started this plan in first place? Congratulations on completing GM Diet :).

Don’t forget:
· Keep up nutrients intake.
· Maintain regular exercise schedule
· Build muscle stress-less
And most importantly,
Stay committed!

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