What a panic attack looks like?

Harking back to my good old days in university, I remember sitting for a lengthy exam on causality theory. It was almost done when suddenly, out of the blue, evil engulfed me from within. Pounding heartbeats so loud that you could hear them across the room; sweaty palms dripping profusely as if they were trying to test some gravitational limits; erratic breathing churning up weird noises akin to someone snoring upside down! In other words, panic attack symptoms had just landed onto my innocent little self in one swift motion.

Panic attacks are sneaky humans – ever ready to manifest without giving any prior notice. If you’ve been unfortunate enough not to have experienced one yet (trust me – better do), don’t worry because we are here today just for you! We’ve got all the gossip about what panic attacks entail … including their hilarious side!

Anatomy of A Panic Attack

Remembering that quiz day’s episode brings home quite vividly how ruthless chronic anxiety can be — especially with our physical attributes and bodily sensations thrown into some next level torture fest without warning!

Let’s break down this monster into smaller pieces:

Physical Symptoms

The first sign is usually something physical. These include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Chills or hot flushes
  • Nausea/diarrhea/upset stomach
  • Shortness of breath/Feeling choked/Tight chest

If harnessed correctly though, these feelings leave us looking like literal diamonds sweating under pressure while taking over an empire!!

Psychological Symptoms

Wowzers!! We know it sounds too complex but brace yourself friends as there’s more – sometimes our poor minds go on strike too! Signs include emotional distress such as:

  • Frightful thoughts & negative attitudes towards oneself or others.
  • Worry/ fear about losing control or going completely insane!
  • Feeling like dying is your only escape
  • Body dissociation, in which an individual feels as if they are detached or floating outside their own body.

See, we warned you! The human mind can be a really messed up place sometimes. So please be kind to others, especially when it comes to mental wellness.


The average lifespan of a complete panic attack episode lasts from 20 minutes to over an hour though some individuals often get away with quick flurries that end even faster than I snooze my alarm clock first thing each morning!! #dontjudgeme

What Sets Off A Panic Attack?

Before diving into this realm, let’s refrain for a moment and take deep breaths extending out our tummy muscles (#thereformedpilatesenthusiastinyourservice). Ok now we’re back – Below is what research has suggested can trigger these phenomenons:

  • Loss or death
  • Traumatic events (can also include past experiences)
  • Relationship issues/stressful lifestyle situations
  • Physical illnesses
    -Routine personal struggles such as financial difficulties
    -Food allergies? Yes!! Anything related to allergy conditions?? If so; watch yourself there!

On the other hand friends if ever faced with unprovoked attacks that occur several times in one day then kindly consult professional medical personnel right away!!

Recognizing The Differences Between An Anxiety Attack And A Panic Attack

Wait …What?! That’s right folks – panic and anxiety attacks emerged from two different angles altogether BUT they still managed somehow to team up at times leaving us no choice but collapsing together!!!

Anxiety episodes tend not have just physical symptoms alone — usually tagged alongside disquieting problems involving specific work/personal concerns.

As opposed to those that experience minor mishaps here and there on occasion might mistake anxiety signs due low stress tolerance level for those undergoing full blown anxiety attacks / panic attack symptoms. So please be mindful to always check with a trained medics professional.


Bizarro! Now you know more about what goes down during one of these mood swings and when should medical attention be prioritized!

You don’t have to feel all alone fighting the dread!! There are many resources available for individuals troubled by this form of human quirks, including helplines and family groups that may provide support and comfort. Remember: no matter how dire things seem, there is an escape in sight!!

To wrap up — remember being able to unpack your concerns w/trusted folks around you while having a giggle might just do the trick! Despite its significant effects on wellbeing; laughter has its secret ways it helps bring sanity back into place thus helping us battle all sorts of demons plaguing our existence in one way or another!!!!

Last random thought guys: When life gives us lemons we make lemonades… but at times we need help squeezing those damn lemons so never feel ashamed calling out for backup especially when it comes to mental wellness – stay blessed hombres’!!!!