What a morning after pill does?

So, you’ve had a night of passion and now reality has hit you like a ton of bricks. You’re worried that your reliable contraception method failed or perhaps you didn’t use any at all (tisk tisk). Fear not! There is help available in the form of The Morning After Pill. Don’t know what one is? Keep reading!

What is The Morning After Pill?

Let’s start with the basics. This pill can prevent an unplanned pregnancy after unprotected sex or when contraception fails – so keep that in mind next time! It contains hormones that interfere with ovulation, fertilization, and implantation process (basically making sure there’s no baby brewing inside of you).

How Do I Get Hold of It?

You might be thinking about running to your local drugstore for a fix but hold off going just yet as only some pharmacies carry ellaOne-which can cost up to $60 if you don’t have insurance according to very generic google search-. Since there are different types, it’s best practice to consult with your doctor who will prescribe the right type for yAou.

Not A Regular Contraceptive Method

Now before jumping into bed again and chomping down another morning after pill like they’re gummy bears remember this medication should NOT replace regular contraceptive methods such as condoms, birth control pills etc…Ya’ll need something more routine than taking pills stronger than those pre-workout supps gym rats take before squats.

When Should it Be Taken?

Your new BFF has several intake options depending on which type was prescribed but here are some timelines:

Emergency Contraception

This refers to medications taken shortly after engaging in unprotected sex- yes people do engage in said acts without beforehand discussion leading awkward silences afterwards-, within five days max . That’s why they’re called “emergency pills” – like fire brigade in a burning building only a lot less dramatic. Once ingested it immediately starts working its preggo-blocking magic powers and prevents fertilisation of that egg you’ve been so lovingly growing inside.

Immediate Post-Coital Contraception

These are similar to emergency contraception but tend to be quite high dosage due to being taken within 48 hours after arousal (a Hollywood throat clear inserted here). It’s important to note that though they may receive the same names, emergency and post-coital contain diffferent ingredients – keep this is mind next time you do your online shopping minus checking with your Doc first-.

Side Effects

Like most medications, there may be some side effects..unfortunately those cannot solely help getting rid of unsolicited mentions from people on social media …but enough about us talking ..

Here are the common ones:
– Nausea
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Cramps
Talk about taking one for the team!

What Happens If I’m Already Pregnant?

There seems to exist belief amongst differently informed individuals that consuming morning after pill while already pregnant can trigger an abortion which is false . If you suspect pregnancy prior or post consumption refrain from using these tablets as ineffective birth control measures; better make way straight away towards other options such as adoption if not ready /a fancy luxury-car-or-expensive-garment-associated baby ensemble…just word of mouth …

Let’s Wrap This Up

So now you’re all clued up about The Morning After Pill…knowledge is power people! Just remember that it should only be used in emergencies (not regularly) and doesn’t protect against STIs/STDs.

P.S: yes we did mention heading titles counting because someone somewhere has an unexplainable obsession with headings.headers everywhere,baby!

P.P.S : hats off anyone who got through this with mentions of pills and pregnancies without a CRINGE …okay some parts had one or two odd moments maybe but overall just peachy.

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