What a migraine looks like?

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘migraine’ thrown around, chances are you know that it’s not just your everyday headache. However, for those who haven’t experienced one before, what does a migraine actually look like? Let’s dive in and take a humorous approach to exploring this infamous condition.

The Beginning Stage

Picture this: You’re having the time of your life, sipping on some fun drinks with friends when suddenly something just doesn’t feel right. This is how migraines begin – without any warning or indication that they’re about to hit you hard.

Some common physical symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Tingling limbs

It feels like someone has flipped the switch from “fun” mode to “nightmare” mode without even consulting you first.

The “Oh Dear God Please Make It Stop” Phase

As if by magic, once the beginning stage disappears (aka after 20 minutes), all hell breaks loose.
This is where things start getting really interesting…in an incredibly painful way.

Cue in dramatic music


You might experience some visual hallucinations during this time that nothing can prepare you for. Suddenly everything will seem brighter….And I mean EVERYTHING,

Debilitating Symptoms Begin

The throbbing and pulsating pain brings along with it anxiety; an unnerving combination causing aggravation throughout your body.
Weeping becomes tempting as at least crying won’t make anyone laugh whilst experiencing the excruciating agony caused by migraines.

Pounding Headache

A beating heart may sound whimsically romantic but a beating headless so much so! Pun intended for spreading cheerfulness!

Ringing Ears

Eerie noises can crop up long enough making subjugation almost impossible.

Shortcut to Dehydration

Randomly striking intense thirst can trigger dehydration.

Distorted Vision

When you begin seeing things like bright flashes or zigzag lines, it’s a sign that the migraine has gained considerable momentum.

The Aftermath Stage

Fast forward to when the migraine finally decides to release its grip on your poor head…it might just be day 2 or maybe even up to a week later (yes, really!). This is what happens after:

Intense Exhaustion

All ups and downs come with an aftermath – and with migraines, this fatigue hits harder than ever before. It feels like the whole ordeal has drained every ounce of energy from your system. Useless as a bag of beats!

Lingering Headaches

Don’t forget about those sneak attacks- not entirely gone headaches but reduced in magnitudes leading you into underestimating their resurrection potential.

Wrap Up

And there we have it folks – everything you need to know (well almost) about what a migraine actually looks feels [It’s okay folks! We’ve been giggling too while at it] like. While these symptoms may differ drastically from person-to-person because everyone likes things uniquely different.. one thing remains constant: Migraines are absolutely no fun whatsoever!

So next time someone tries telling us that they “have” migraines without any visible indicators showing up? Say them-“what were YOU saying again?!?”

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