What 3 foods should you avoid?

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep an eye on what you put into your body. While certain foods may seem innocent enough, they could be doing more harm than good in the long run. Here are three types of food that should be avoided like the plague:

Processed Meats: A Real Frank-N-Furter Situation

When it comes to meats like hot dogs and sausages that come pre-packaged and ready-to-eat, there’s often a lot more going on under the hood than meets the eye. These processed meats tend to be loaded up with nitrites, which can have some pretty nasty health consequences if consumed excessively over time.

In addition to increasing your risk for cancer (yikes!), nitrites have also been linked with heart disease and stroke. Plus, these convenient little meat products tend not to offer nearly as many nutritional benefits as their more natural counterparts.

So next time you’re thinking about reaching for those easy-to-grab hot dogs at the grocery store? Think again – your body will thank you down the line.

Sugary Beverages: Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This

Maybe you’ve heard this one before (and if not…where have YOU been living all this time?!): sugary drinks aren’t ideal if you want to stay fit and healthy. But why is that exactly?

For starters, beverages like soda and fruit juice often pack in a ton of calories without providing any real sense of fullness or satisfaction after drinking them (not cool).

This lack of satiety means people who drink lots of sugar-laden drinks are likely consuming wayyyyy more calories throughout their day than they really need or want – leading ultimately toooo…you guessed it! Weight gain!

But those aren’t even closeeeeee to being the worst things about sugary drinks. When you consume these types of beverages on a regular basis, you’re also putting yourself at risk for diabetes (no thanks).

So the next time you want to quench your thirst? Opt for some water or unsweetened tea instead.

Fried Foods: A Tough Pill To Swallow

Don’t get us wrong – we know that fried foods can be incredibly delicious! Unfortunately though, they’re also one of the most problematic types of food out there when it comes to eating healthily.

Like with processed meats, fried foods tend not to offer nearly as many nutritional benefits as their non-fried counterparts. Plus, all that oil used in the frying process adds loads and loadsssss…and LOADSSS more calories onto an already calorie-dense meal.

Perhaps even worse than this excess ENERGY is that frequently consuming fried goods has been linked with increased risk for a number of health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke (oh my!).

To make matters worse? Most folks tend to overeat when faced with never-ending platters filled up to the brimmmmmm (who wouldn’t?!) with greasy goodness!

If you must indulge in friend food from tiiiime-to-time (we don’t blame ya!), do so only occasionally …like once (or maybe twice) every millennia (wink!)


And voila – three types of foods that should probably spend more time off our plate than on it if we want our bodies functioning soundly and efficiently! Sureeeee..these goodies may give short-term satisfaction and pleaaasuree but unfortunately come packed upppppp…and piled onnnn….with long-term consequences.

Alarming reports have shown cancer-causing agents hiding between those decadent slices of cured deli meat or sneakily sipping under all those fizzy bubbles coming from cans labelled with “soda.” Even that steam and sizzle of the crispy golden gifts from the frying pan (droool!) could just end in a dose high blood pressure… or worse!!!

If you’re trying to slim down, be more health-conscious, AND prolong your life here on Earth, it’s time to put these specific foods out of sight – and ultimately OUT OF MINDDD! AVOID THESE FOODS LIKE THE PLAGUEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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