Wellcare advantage plan 2019?

Health insurance is like a game of Russian roulette, except with less excitement and more paperwork. If you’re looking for an affordable healthcare plan that doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing half of your paycheck, look no further than the Wellcare Advantage Plan 2019!

What even is Wellcare?

Before we deep dive into why this HMO plan might be your next best friend, let’s take a moment to understand what the heck “Wellcare” even means. Simply put, it’s short for “wellness care.” Supposedly, they prioritize preventative health measures over just treating illnesses as they happen. Because nothing says healthy living like waiting until something is already wrong to fix it.

Benefits That’ll Make You Wanna Say “Holy Moly!”

When comparing healthcare plans, benefits are obviously one of the most important factors to consider- more specifically: how big and plentiful are these sweet sweet bennies? Here are some highlights:

$0 premiums!

Yes folks! For absolutely zero dollars, you get coverage that probably won’t make your bank account bleed out on the bathroom floor at three in the morning (This does not include copayments or coinsurance).

Prescription drug coverage

Have meds that cost more than your rent? Fear not my friend! The Wellcare Advantage Plan covers prescription drugs (as long as they’re on their formulary list) so those co-pays don’t pile up quicker than laundry detergent pods under your kitchen sink.

Dental Vision Hearing Coverage

No eye patch needed here pirate! With preventive dental/vision/hearing exams included in every package. Hope nobody saw me trying to do a cartwheel when I heard this news (limitations may apply).

Limitations Are Kinda Lame though…

Unfortunately life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns even if there are free benefits involved. Here’s the down and dirty about where things might fall short:

Geographical restrictions

This isn’t exactly Instagram, folks- you can’t post pictures of your lunch while gallivanting around willy-nilly; if you try to venture outside the Wellcare service area for an extended period of time or situation where there are geographical restrictions -you could be up a creek without a paddle (aka not covered).

Referrals Are A Must

Uh oh, seems like we’re back in the 90s because referrals are making a comeback (did scrunchies never truly disappear?). With this plan in particular, anytime specialty care is needed, it must first be approved by your primary care physician before any appointments should be made (This doesn’t include routine vision/hearing consultations).

Not ideal for those who see specialists frequently

If seeing specialists is already part of your weekly routine (kinda like baking sugar-free cookies), this plan may not work with what you have going on since out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly.

Is It Worth It Though?

Yes! But also no! Like everything else in life, every individual’s needs/finances/etc will differ so take these broad strokes descriptions into account when deciding which route to go for health insurance. As they say – at the end of the day only you know best!

Happy swiping through HMO options!