We Can’t Be Together: The Heartbreaking Truth

Do you ever feel like crying an ocean that no one could ever swim in, just because the person you’re completely smitten with doesn’t feel the same way about you? Oh, love. Such a beautiful and confusing thing at the same time. It can make us feel incredibly happy yet it also has the ability to rip our hearts into tiny little pieces when things don’t go as planned.

Love is complicated and sometimes it’s not meant to be. You may have found someone who makes your heart skip a beat or two but if they cannot reciprocate those feelings, then there’s nothing left for us to do than accept the situation for what it is – we simply can’t be together.

You’ve Tried Everything

It’s hard when you realize that even after trying everything possible, things are just not working out. Maybe they haven’t noticed how amazing of a person you really are cue eye roll, or maybe they’re just not ready for something serious right now (as cliché as that sounds). Whatever the reason may be, it just didn’t seem to work out.

You’ve tried all sorts of tricks up in your sleeves from buying them gifts to pretendingnotto care about them anymore (which by the way never works), but nothing seems to ignite any spark between both parties involved.

Recognizing Your Self-Worth

Trying so hard on sending signals their way or being available 24/7 will only lead us down a path towards despair and lost hope (been there done that my friend!)! It’s important at this point in time to recognize our self-worth;that despite rejection we still remainsomeone , someone who deserves appropriate treatmentregardless of anyone else’s perceptionof how valuablewe think ourselves worth…it won’t always come from other people!

Realize that no amount of anything you do can ever change someone’s heart. It doesn’t make them a terrible person, just not the right one for you! You deserve nothing less than someone who truly values everything that makes you wonderful and fall head over heels for it (they’re out there – I promise).

Now , pick up that shattered heart off the floor (don’t worry, we’ve all been there before), and tell yourself “I’m enough” because babygirl/babyboy…you are!

Moving On

Yesyes yes, easier said than done but moving on from something is definitely necessary! No more moping around in your bedroom listening to sappy love songs while dwelling on what could have been. Although ‘Little things’ by One Direction will always hold a special place in my heart!

Stop treating yourself like a victim of circumstance and start thinking positively about what tomorrow may bring! There’s no need to be held back by yesterday’s disappointments as they only prepare us for greater achievements after all.

Try new hobbies or keep yourself busy doing things outside of your usual routine; join volunteering organizations, take classes in subjects that interest youwithout worrying if ‘they’ would approveit . These things will help immensely with learning how to move forward from old situations and opening doors towards new opportunities at the same time.

Don’t Blame Yourself

One thing I cannot stress enough is , do NOT blame yourself ! Love has ups-and-downswhetherfor better or worsebut regardless wherever this past relationship endedwell-formulatedin whether both parties shook handswith full respector had an intense yelling match endingwith tears pooling down facesof both individuals which were exchanged one lasttime ; rememberthat we all comeinto people’s lives fora reasonand some affairsare meantto experiencethe emotional connectionfurtherthan others…even though theirs was unfortunately short-lived betweenone anotherdoesn’t mean any sort of flaws in what you ‘attempted’ to put forth were the reason.

Sometimes people fall out-of-love even after everything that seemingly transpired between them.

It’s healthy for us to recognize and accepting this fact, because it doesn’t make anyone a bad person or anything less attractive/valueable as an individual. Don’t beat yourself over things that are beyond your control, one day it’ll all make sense!

Finding Closure

Closure is key! It’s difficult moving on from something without more answers or explanationsbut forcingthe other partyto do so only prolongs some sort of pain we feel within ourselves (as much as our minds insist on not believing this sometimes).

Havingcoffee togetherformallyor chattingvia phone while expressing appreciationfor having crossed each other’s paths in life , makesmoving forwardfeel so mucheasier. Finding meaning behind situationscan give closure and new directions towards future relationshipsand growth – some breakups can seem like intense emotional trauma at times but finding clarity helps move on positively afterwards.

Staying Positive

This might sound cliché but always try staying positive even when things seems at their worst pointy fingers emoji thumbs up. You’ve got no idea how this will affect you moving for!!No matter how many darts heartbreak throws at usoneafter anotherit doesn’t meanwe should closeourselves offrom new experiences.
Always remember…tomorrow holds plentyof excitement and opportunities if you choose to pursueitspecially with a positive attitudein-tow>3 ❤️

Accepting Reality

This implies the acceptance that they may never be interestedin beingmorethan just friends regardless how muchyou hopeand seek it. This isn’t about losing faithor feeling inadequate (per se) rather realizing the limitations placedbeforeboth parties involved…even though butterfliesare feltwhen aroundthemdoesn’t meanthey have feelsimilar to you.

It doesn’t mean they can’t value your company or enjoy the time spent together. Accepting reality and moving forward towards better times, where expectations don’t cause any sort of discomfort to either party involved is a step taken in the right direction.

The Future Awaits

Who knows what kind of opportunities tomorrow may hold? Nobody does! That’s why it’s important to stay positive and keep an open mind about life – we never know when somebody else will come along that gives us butterflies like never before!

Treasure the memories of love past with a smile on our faces, as those experiences shape who we are today but embrace new opportunities without prejudice because they could lead other unique lifetime encounters!

In conclusion, heartbreak is an inevitable part of almost every person’s life (unfortunately!). Although painful at first glanceit got nothingon us if we choose notlet it bringus down. Learningto acceptthe situationand reflectingon it positively helpsmove forward much more smoothly. 

Remember,you deserve someone worth falling head-over-heels for! Don’t let rejection discourage you from finding true happiness ” If rejected—remain persistent.If knocked down—get back up.This was my motto whenever I felt hopeless or desperate.” – Abhishek Ratna

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