We are going to florida?

If you’re like me and need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, then boy do I have some good news for you. We are going to Florida! (Pinch me)

Before we can even get into the nitty-gritty of our upcoming trip, let’s first discuss why Florida is so darn amazing.

Why Florida Rocks

The Beaches

Alright folks, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s no secret that Florida boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country- maybe even in the world! Whether it’s Cocoa Beach or Key West (or anywhere really), soak up those rays while enjoying stunning ocean views.

The Weather

Are you sick of cloudy and dreary days? Look no further than fantastic sunny skies in none other than…Florida! Warm temperatures, clear blue skies- sigh just thinking about it makes my day better already.

Theme Parks Galore

Of course if there’s one thing families love more than anything else when vacationing it has got to be theme parks. Luckily for us, Orlando happens to be home to both Disney World AND Universal Studios. Pack your sunscreen and comfortable shoes because these spots will keep us entertained all day long.

Getting There is a Breeze…

Whether we decide on flying or go by car, transportation isn’t an issue with multiple options available at decent prices too!

What could possibly beat such luxury living? So start packing your bags because your ten-day sunshine state stay starts soon – super SOON!
Make sure not lose out valuable luggage space; save yourself from any arguments/ disagreements politely reminding loved ones on what not pack!

Where To Stay In Style

Now that we’ve talked about why Florida should be on every traveler’s list let’s talk about where our base camp will be situated throughout our adventures.
Two words- beachfront luxury. Yes, you read that right; our home for the trip sits close to one of Florida’s most serene beaches making it easily accessible throughout our stay.

  • Check out some options if we plan on staying at hotels or resorts and pinpoint which locations intrigue us by filtering off prices, amenities offered etc.
  • Give a thorough look through comfortable home rentals that would cater to all needs providing much needed privacy being away from the inquisitive hotel staff.

All depending on what tickles everyone’s fancy!

Adventure Awaits

We’re approaching day four down the line, so let’s get into action mode- busting out those sneakers (don’t forget socks either!)
What really makes Florida stand apart from other vacation spots are its numerous adventures;

Natural Springs – Crystal Clear Waters

Florida springs such as Ichetucknee Springs with river tubing adventure possibilities is exactly what is required when relaxing for too long starts feeling stagnant in my opinion – refreshing crystal clear waters just perfect then!

Outdoor Activities

Let´s explore further! We have options including kayaking or paddleboarding against Bioluminescent Animas under moonlit sky giving us an ethereal experience only nature can provide!
For taste buds craving something exciting, try a food festival featuring local Floridian cuisine like Bar-B-Q every Tuesday and Wednesday Sunset walkovers coupled with spectacular show performed b Hollywood Stuntz productions.

And we ain’t done yet!

Let The GAMES Begin

A few days into our trip means actually immersing ourselves into true FL culture? Picture this: beach volleyball matches atop soft sand beaches surrounded dancing palm trees together loved ones compete youth versus wisdom.

To add to the excitement plan, we could also incorporate scavenger hunt activity that makes all family members work as a team accomplishing tasks earning points unlocking new levels.
As fun as these games are; smack talk is welcome with open arms!

Let’s Talk About The FOOD

If an adventure was not already on our itinerary list due hunger pangs there´s going have to be change of plans where food becomes priority numero uno.
The abundance in Floridian coastal cuisine options means no one leaves disappointed on this front.

Exotic Food Options

Fresh seafood hardly experiences any shortage in Florida making it perfect destination for seafood lovers! With notable locusts like Apalachicola and Stone crabs being speciality just how could we ignore them? Freshly caught eats combined with seasoned pirates tales heard while dining onboard Pirates Dinner Adventure will take us right back into Golden Age.

Adventurous Palettes Unite!

But hey aquatic life may not be everyone’s style which is why we´ll find every type of global food ready-to serve at Yellow Green Farmers Market meaning world brought closer home than ever before!

Night Owls or Early Birds Rejoice

Whether you’re after nightlife or more laid-back kind – FL has got it all covered (24/7). Bet you didn´t expect that 😉

Late Night Fun

Orlando and Miami both offer clubbing scenes for those wanting wild nights out meeting new people enjoying music entranced surrounded neon lights flashing; (note – minors aren’t excluded from this ‘adult only’ scene in certain places by legal statutes).

Counterproductive if mornings come afterwards but so worth it!

Morning Scenes

But let´s say running clubs and morning yoga under sunrise light calls your name instead don’t fret either boasting unique serene spots together loved ones relaxing winding down slowly starting day off peacefully staring overlooking horizon letting troubles disappear mundane everyday life can wait.

It’s easy to say we will be returning home thoroughly excited from our stay full of enthusiasm of having experienced all that Florida has upfront such trips in life teach us a lot about ourselves, isn’t it?
So pack bags and let´s begin exploring!

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