Washing my hands of the situation?

We’ve all heard the phrase “washing my hands of the situation.” It’s a common expression used when someone wants to absolve themselves of responsibility for something. But have you ever stopped and thought about how weird that phrase actually is? I mean, what does washing your hands have to do with taking ownership?

In this article, we’re going to explore the origins of this peculiar saying and delve into some humorous ways you can apply it in your everyday life.

The History Behind ‘Washing My Hands of the Situation’

Believe it or not, this phrase has roots dating back thousands of years. In ancient Rome, officials would wash their hands after performing an official duty as a symbolic gesture indicating they had done nothing wrong. Sound familiar? Nowadays, however, most people use it figuratively.

Some historians say that Pontius Pilate washed his hands before Jesus’ crucifixion as a way to distance himself from any responsibility in Christ’s death. Whether or not that story is true (it probably isn’t), there’s no denying that “washing one’s hands” has been associated with avoiding blame for centuries.

How We Use It Today

Today, we often use this phrase when talking about distancing ourselves from unpleasant situations or negative consequences. For example:

  • After getting into an argument with their partner: “I’m just going to wash my hands of this relationship.”
  • When refusing to get involved in drama at work: “Sorry man, I’m washing my hands clean of any office politics.”
  • When abandoning a project that didn’t turn out as expected: “I’m just going to wash my hands and move onto something else.”

Regardless of why we say it (usually because we don’t want to take responsibility), there are plenty more fun ways you can incorporate the act — both literally and figuratively — into your daily routine.

Funny Ways to ‘Wash Your Hands’ of a Situation

Here are some humorous options you can consider for those times when you just don’t feel like taking responsibility:

1. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (…Until It Goes Away)

You don’t have to rinse and repeat if it has nothing to do with personal hygiene (not the best advice though). But maybe this whole “washing my hands” thing is really just about repetition – performing an action over and over again until the situation goes away. Just remember not everything in life requires repetition; or else, something may get amiss.

2. Use Soap (and If That Doesn’t Work, Try Bleach)

Simple soap and water isn’t always enough (it never is during a pandemic). Maybe you need something stronger — like bleach or ammonia — especially if you’re trying so hard to clean up someone’s mess for them. Bear in mind that these substances are dangerous if not handled appropriately.

3. Scrub Harder (And Make Sure Everyone Knows You’re Doing It!)

If people aren’t recognizing how much effort has gone into washing your hands of any particular matter( or project ) , then what’s even the point? So make sure everyone knows how thorough you’re being by announcing every time you wash your hands (though we recommend against doing so after every argument!)

4. Call In Backup: Clorox Wipes

Does scrubbing at tough grime seem futile? Then bring out the big guns with some disinfectant wipes – they practically promise they will do all their cleaning work automatically without manual intervention as long as an individual provides necessary guidance(be aware that wiping away challenging situations does not resolve them)

Final Thoughts on ‘Washing My Hands’

While saying “I’m washing my hands of this” might sound funny (and like you’re renouncing any responsibility or blame) , it’s probably not the best way to handle situations in real life. In all seriousness, there are times when we should take accountability — and others when we need to step away for our mental/emotional health. So choose wisely (but make sure not leave certain tasks unfinished).

If anything, remember that some things can’t be washed off at will; hence, it is better to take responsibilities for those actions often attached with unavoidable consequences(as long as you don’t intentionally involve yourself in drama at work). And if times get tough (they always do), don’t worry — just remember that everyone has moments where they’re foggy on what comes next too!

So go ahead and wash your hands of this article (literally or figuratively – hey no judgment zone here) and move onto something more fun unencumbered by serious undertones and metaphysical thoughts!

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