Was ist lutein?

Have you ever heard the term lutein and wondered what it is? Is it a new trending superfood or some kind of mysterious mythical ingredient that only exists in fairy tales? Fear not! We’re here to break down everything you need to know about lutein, from its benefits to where you can find it.

The Basics of Lutein

First things first what exactly is lutein? Lutein is a type of carotenoid, which is a pigment found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s responsible for giving certain produce bright colors like yellow, orange and red. However, unlike other types of carotenoids such as beta-carotene or lycopene, your body cannot manufacture this on its own. Therefore we must consume various plant-based foods that contain this nutrient.

Why Does Our Body Need Lueten?

Lutein plays an essential role in keeping our bodies healthy! This superstar nutrient carries strong antioxidant properties that ward off free radicals (unstable molecules) so they don’t interact with important cellular structures. Additionally,l utein also filters out blue light emitted by electronic devices which includes cell phones,screens,laptops etc..

How Much Do You Actually Need?

Aim for at least 6mg per day.The best sources of the nutrient typically come from leafy greens such as spinach,kale,collard greens etc.Almost all types ,red pink grapefruits,papayas are great too).No one wants deficiency—we become vulnerable towards chronic eye diseases including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.This may lead towards blurred vision,vision loss,focusing issues,the list goes on.I suggest meandering over to my next section!

Benefits Of Getting Enough Of Lueiten For Eyes

We mentioned how getting enough servings contributing this valuable organism fights against disease, but this super nutrient largely helps our eyes.

Protects Against Blue Light Damage

The blue light that emanates from phone screens might not lead to melanoma, yet it can harm your corneas and messes with sleep patterns.Spending plenty of time on electronic devices could weaken your eyesight. Here comes lutein’s anti-inflammatory benefits alongside its ability to filter out high-energy blue UV light t fights against retinal damage which culminates in reduced visual acuity over a course of time. 

Halts Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Macular degeneration is one of the top leading causes behind blindness among adults.Since we are ageing every minute there’s an inevitable risk towards contracting AMD.Lutein shoots down oxidation issues before initiation.How about a bit dark throwback?Elizabeth Taylor was fed carrots by her mother throughout her childhood for safekeeping.In addition ingestion Isnt great all the times-well if you consume 40+ eggs per week as there’s where you’ll get excess , therefore the human body can’t sustain too much .

Beyond Eye Health: Other Benefits Of Lueten?

Lutein does double duty when it comes to overall health! This amazing compound has various benefits worth noting beyond just eye health.

Skin Protection

As mentioned earlier,lutien gives colouring pigments upliftment in plants to safeguard them from sunlight.Regarding skin,this carries major relevance because following exposure to sun rays,the radical compounds harm our immune system,making skin unequipped in striking exercise-aggravating wrinkles along with early signs aging.Researchers concluding Michigan university exposed those who take sufficient amounts of lueiten gain fewer wrinkles than others who don’t align accordingly.Mind blown? You should be!

Prevents Oxidative Stress

For starters let me explain that ‘Oxidative Stress’ happens due pore management resulting towards uneven proportions relating electrons encompassed inside atoms led towards creation of molecules known as free radicals. These roam around body and increasing issues regularly can lead towards cell damage,failure,tumour growth,unwanted inflammation.Bet you didn’t expect that!Lutein offsets these pesky types before turning nasty.

Aids Cognitive Functioning

While lutein is most commonly associated with benefitting the eyesight, it also aides in keeping our brain healthy . During a study,researchers discovered those retaining highest levels of lueten’s carotenoid properties portrayed quicks reaction times mixed alongside better memory skill retention abilities!

Best Sources Of Lutein-Rich Food:

Now here comes some interesting part we’re human after all – now let’s dive into which foods top to amass :

Food Amount of Lutein/mg per serving
Kale(Leafy Greens)               22 -65mg per cup
Swiss chard(Leafy greens)                                                  6 mg per cooked cup (about 36-gram).

If kale isn’t your go-to cooking ingredient,i got more lists under my belt:

  • Turnip greens
  • Broccoli Leaves
  • Spinach 
  • Collards
  • Raw celery & parsley
    Lastly,Maintaining up sufficient servings intake are usually accomplished by putting leafy green infusions directly via consuming smoothies blended along avocados or berries.Scrambling eggs with spinach,kale or adding grilled fruit(inspired yet?)to salads should help to shoot up consumption statistics.Don’t get lazy-youtube provides stupendous amounts relating recipes encompassed by various ingredients for taking fancy photographs whilst being delicious food loving individual so take advantage!!


In essence,Lueten greatly benefits us in various ways ranging from eyesight to cognitive abilities just simply by adding ample servings intake you create a preventive measure against chronic major health. It’s not impossible, and can actually be incredibly delicious! Incorporating lutein-rich foods into your daily diet is an easy way to keep yourself healthy while still enjoying all the amazing benefits this nutrient has to offer.

So next time someone asks what lueten is or why it’s such a big deal—tell them that Lueten works on everything for overall preventative protection regarding our wellbeing.Hopefully,you’ve come away with new valuable information about lutein that makes adopting those greens less intimidating.I can safely say if you’ll go through,powerful nutrients inside will make sure you won’t face any deficiency issues down the line.We got your back so Happy Eating!.