Wake up your mind with the Waking Up Meditation App

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and unproductive every morning? Does caffeine just not cut it anymore? Well, look no further because the Waking Up Meditation App is here to save the day (or should I say morning?). With this app, you’ll be able to wake up your mind and start each day with clarity and focus.

Why meditation?

Before we get into how amazing this app is, let’s talk about why meditation is so beneficial. Did you know that meditation can actually change your brain structure? It increases grey matter in areas associated with emotion regulation, empathy, and self-awareness. Plus, it helps reduce stress and anxiety which we could all use a little less of in our lives.

The basics of the app

The foundation of the Waking Up Meditation App is daily guided meditations led by Sam Harris – philosopher, neuroscientist, and best-selling author (no big deal). The meditations range from 5 minutes to an hour so there’s something for everyone regardless if you have time for a quickie or want to go deep.

In addition to guided meditations, there are also lessons on mindfulness taught by Harris himself along with some guest experts like Tara Brach who is a Buddhist teacher known for her expertise in loving-kindness practice.

Special features

What sets this app apart from other meditation apps on the market are its special features:

Daily reflections

Start each day off right with a new reflection delivered straight to your phone every morning (don’t forget your charger!). These reflections inspire introspection without being preachy or overbearing. They’re more like gentle nudges towards better understanding yourself.

Tracking progress

Sometimes seeing progress can be just as motivating as completing tasks (high fives self). The tracking feature allows users to see their own progress over time making it easy to see how far you’ve come. So, next time that family member asks why you’re wasting so much time on your phone, tell them it’s for improving self-awareness!

Extended meditations

For those die-hard meditation fans out there (we see you) the extended meditations feature allows users to go deep and really sink into their practice longer than the usual guided meditations.

The price tag

Some people might worry about adding yet another monthly subscription cost but compared to other apps out there, the Waking Up Meditation app has a lower price point at under $100 per year with no additional in-app purchases necessary (no nickel-and-diming here). Plus, they even offer a free-trial so you can try before committing which who doesn’t love free stuff?

Final thoughts

In conclusion (yeah, we have a conclusion), if waking up with energy and focus sounds like something of interest then give this app a shot! It could be just what’s missing from your morning routine. Just remember, small lifestyle changes add-up over time and skipping one day of meditation isn’t going wreck everything…but also do it every day because consistency is key.

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