W you?

Wassup folks, are you ready to laugh your a off? Because today we’re going to talk about something really exciting – W. Yes, that’s right! The one and only ‘W’.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: “What the hell is ‘W’?” Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered. In this article, I’ll share with y’all everything there is to know about ‘W,’ including its history and how it became popular. Buckle up; things are going to get interesting.

What in the world is ‘W’?

Let me start by getting into the basics of what exactly this elusive letter stands for. You may have seen people use it on social media platforms or heard it from a friend while texting them: “Hey man W?”, not knowing what they meant.

Well my friends, according to urban dictionary (the ultimate source of all slang), ‘W’ stands for “Win”. It’s used when someone does or says something impressive enough in your eyes worth acknowledging with enthusiasm such as slaying at Fortnite ‘bling bling‘.

That being said, don’t even try using the letter ‘M,’ since anything less than greatness should just be ignored altogether.

The term started popping up more frequently on Twitter sometime 2016 – blame hip hop culture again if need be . For those who care about their statistics– insert hands up meme-On August 9th 2021 alone ,there were over100k tweets containing “w” .

So now that we’ve discussed its meaning let’s dive deeper into this intrepid letter.

Where did’ W ’originate?

Many languages don’t even recognize ‘w’ as an official alphabet character; so why has English chosen to embrace such an ostensibly needless inclusion?

While Indo-European languages like German and Welsh included “w” as far back as anyone can seem to remember, the English alphabet didn’t gain its own version of the letter until after the Norman Conquest because French didn’t use it.

Praise be!

The newly added character came about almost by accident. To some accounts it was created while trying to type out two ‘u’s together, which look quite similar.

A little history

By 1700s people where using ‘W’ in short hand for WILL and with time shortened or contracted phrases like ‘don’t you’, “Won’t you” became “D’y'” or ‘woncher’. As we all know that drive thru order slang lingers on till today. Unfortunately ,some school teachers still don’t champion such expressions in writing tasks even up to university shudders.

Then came a significant point in history when President George W.Bush moved into the White House around early 2001 coincidence?I think not..lol, He never fell shy of signing off letters with his middle initial,’W’and before long,W merchandise (yes just as cheesy tees are ☺) started hitting stores countrywide.”Dubya!”became an affectionate nickname among allies .Hat tip! That’s influence right there.

Since then W has matured and continually imbibed contemporary culture becoming so trendy amongst millennials, Gen Z making appearances in t-shirts,meme captions,hashtags and even social media user handles .

Getting your w’s straight

As insignificant as ‘W’ appears,it might interest you how technology utilizes this simple yet mighty letter . They come super handy when developing computer programming languages ,e.g Python sessions.What do I mean by interchanging vowels???. In python a vowel-consonant-vowel sequence is illegal so adding double u(without overlap) makes possible combinations otherwise unavailable

Let me save all my fellow coding infants from the burden of a coding class. But It’s Widely celebrated in HTML/CSS also .

Watch it, captain obvious

Cut me some slack after all,a simple act like knowing shortcuts can really make or mar our computing experience☺.

The snarky humour surrounding use of ‘w’ doesn’t just stop at laughter,fashion and popularity though W is synonymous with watching movies or TV series.Whether you’re streaming on Netflix(that Steve Carell’s ‘Office’ reboot that awaits)or re-watching Friends ,the W key makes sure the subs keep rolling in style.

This brings us to, probably, the most official use for this character: subtitles. When sitting down to enjoy your favourite movie or show,you turn into an instant critic when translation captions come up.This indispensable button is proof that “I know my onions” – (a Nigerian slang for being knowledgeable about wide range of issues ).

Don’t sweat it shortie!

Have you ever had those moments typing away where your fingers don’t seem to comply with instructions? Or You need one letter repeated severally because well its “whoooooooooooooooa” moment ? Indeed many keyboards worldwide added modifications making quick maths simpler e.g double space bar enters (by the way autocorrect gets overwhelming).

Incredibly enough,the ‘W’-when depressed multiple times-unleashes expressive intents often during frustratingly long convos on messaging platforms.


There we have it folks: everything you’ve ever wanted to know — and more! — about ‘W’. From its origins as a seemingly random addition sorrynotsorry people!to English letters,to spreading across social media via youthful lingo culture then birthing computer secrets fun facts along the way,I hope I’ve showed y’all just how essential this little guy is.Who knows,maybe next time when someone texts‘W?’you’ll be the cool cat who winks

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