Viral hepatitis introduction?

Are you tired of ordinary diseases? Want something that will give your immune system a genuine challenge? Look no further than viral hepatitis! This pesky group of viruses affects millions worldwide and causes everything from mild discomfort to liver failure. So, grab your lab coat and let’s dive into the world of hep!

What is Viral Hepatitis?

First things first, hep is not a bad ’80s dance move (trust me, I tried). It’s actually a group of viruses that attack the liver. There are five main types – A, B, C, D and E – each with their own special brands of evil.

Hep A, also known as “I ate too much street food”, is often spread through contaminated food or drink. Its symptoms include stomach problems like nausea and diarrhea but luckily it rarely progresses to anything more severe.

Hep B, on the other hand, likes to stick around for longer periods (like that unwanted house guest). It’s typically transmitted through blood or unprotected sex. If left untreated it can lead to cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

Hep C, otherwise known as “the silent killer” because it has little in terms of symptoms at early stages (cue dramatic music), is mainly contracted through sharing needles or coming into contact with infected blood products. Over time HCV can cause significant damage to the liver that may require a transplant.

You might be thinking ‘what about D and E?’ Well folks these two are harder to catch than my ex at bingo night so we won’t worry ourselves over them today.


Now onto everyone’s favorite part- symptoms. Aren’t we all just dying for everything gross going on inside our body signaled by external signs?

Like most illnesses viral hepatitis” common routine includes basics like fever, nausea, vomiting’, fatigue and abdominal pain. However, you might find a couple of years down the line that your liver’s cells crying out for help has caused some visible symptoms like jaundice or ascites (fluid build-up in abdomen).

Quick Hepatitis B Quiz:

What word or phrase is missing from this list of possible responses?

Hepatitis B can lead to:
Liver Cancer
Absolutely nothing!

If you guessed “Absolutely Nothing” then congrats! You are today’s winner- A potentially life-long virus without any physical pain associated with it!


A strong defense being the best offense in this case- prevention is key! There are lots of steps we can take to protect ourselves from these viruses.

For those travelling overseas or partying at an unclean dorm-room Hep A vaccine (get vaccinated ASAP) should be considered as well washing hands before touching anything shared(like utensils) .

Shout-out to all our traveler friends again ((enjoying their what would-have-been spring break amidst Covid)) – get educated on Hep B vaccinations and boosters preceded by practicing safe sex when things escalate((no judgement though)! but remember glove up for safety boys and girls))

Unfortunately there’s no vaccination for Hep C, so avoidance is the way forward. Steer clear of needles not fresh outta the box(unless provided/ administered by medical professionals).

At the risk of sounding boring given all this talk about vaccines; exercise good hygiene habits regardless. Wash hands thoroughly while cooking/preparing food especially if coming back home after using public facilities

List time folks:

To summarize:

Ways to prevent Viral Hep ‘if you’re feeling lucky’
1. Go ahead eat that taco off street vendor Uncle Jimmy!! But please clean your hands every chance ya get!!!
2. Before jumping back into party scene let’s onboard some good old-fashioned protections (‘Vaccines’ not just the condoms)
3. Say NO to needles!
4. Lastly – Practice solid hygiene habits and general cleanliness is godliness …

Seriously, when in doubt wash your hands like Monk(no seriously, become him).


Fancy terminology in tow- there are a few tests that have us grinning from ear-to-ear should you suspect hep.

Hep A: An antibody blood test can identify whether one was affected at any given point of time and likely immune after recovery .

Hep B ‘and D'(D comes along tardily): Tests as such will aim to measure HBV signs through which body fights it or its of course presence itself

Consequently for Hepatitis C , its RNA based lab including PCR is considered gold standard (not real gold though folks) by doctors.

Witty quip:

If anybody ever claims to be early when they’re getting tested for hepatitis C,”You’re late.” Is my response without hesitation!


Well there you have it folks – viral hepatitis introduction guide with all bits & bobs that make spoken about illnesses little less scary-spice more informative-funny-fizz . As always practice prevention measures already discussed because chances are, we’ve all met someone who has gotten the wrong kind ‘hep’. Don’t be that person; stay safe out there.

Happy Reading and Stay Safe,Y’all!


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