Venous duplex scan philippines?

Has anyone ever told you that the secret to eternal youth is good blood flow? Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but what I do know is the importance of our veins and arteries. In this article, we’ll talk about venous duplex scans in the Philippines (yes, it sounds quite fancy) and how they help determine potential issues with your blood flow.

What are Venous Duplex Scans?

To put it simply, a venous duplex scan is an ultrasound test for examining blood circulation through your veins. It assesses possible vein problems and their underlying causes (take note it’s only useful for vein problems hence if you think heart issues go find another examination test or just seek professional medical advice). The doctor conducting the procedure injects a small amount of warm gel onto the area where they will examine using high-frequency sound waves from an ultrasound probe.

The device then converts those waves into images which show doctors visualization of your total vascular system (you might get surprised by what hinders smooth blood flow inside us.) Unlike other tests like X-rays or CT scans which subject patients to harmful radiation. A venous duplex scan uses non-invasive methods that rely solely on soundwaves thus produces no known side effects nor does it inflict pain during examinations.

Venous duplex scanning is primarily used as a diagnostic tool by physicians seeking answers concerning symptoms related to veinal conditions such as varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

When would one need Venous Duplex Scanning?

1) Do you have leg/foot swelling?
2) Do you feel discomfort in any part of your lower limbs?
3) Are there visible protrusions along your legs lengthwise?
4) Have painful cramps along these areas started bothering you lately?
5) Are you prone to fainting?
6) Have you suffered from a blood clot before?
7) Do your legs feel heavy most of the time?

If two or more situations above are happening, then it’s possible there is something wrong with your veins. A duplex scan will help determine the cause and extent of this problem.

We all know that living in tropical countries can be fun and exciting but let’s not forget our health as well. Having constant exposure to heat makes our body expand leading/directly resulting/encouraging swelling on different parts of us. Heat exposure causes our bodies fluids to accumulate which usually shows up by swelling at some part of us (It could be manual labor duties, excessive exercise routine even prolonged hours standing/sitting down)

What should one expect during the process?

Ok so Duplex scanning may seem like an overwhelming experience, but trust me; It is nothing like what you see in movies or series (you won’t hear any loud noises nor shocks like when someone gets electrocuted!)

During venous duplex scanning, You’ll lie on an exam table faceup usually with legs spread apart while comfortably covered under sheets and pants removed away permitting Doctor free access to check vital areas around thighs-head-on feet-Finger toes). Gel application may sometimes feel slightly cool against warm skin.

The technician conducting the test will take images using an ultrasound wand over some placed gel anticipating uninterrupted soundwaves waves flow through muscles tissues artery surroudings we want examined closer for diagnosis purposes.(expect clear oblong outlines)

The procedure itself typically last only about 30-60 minutes depending on how many inspections practicing physician requires (prepare set backs just incase).. You’ll likely leave feeling no discomfort unless other underlying issues surface during testing (e.g., existence varicose veins predisposes a person sooner than later developed leg ulcers )

There are numerous benefits of Venous duplex scan not only in the Philppines but all over the world. Below, we’ll discuss some of them:


We mentioned earlier that these scans rely on soundwaves rather than injecting any substance into your veins or subjecting you to harmful radiation.

In short, it is a non-invasive method that identifies potential problems with your blood flow without causing damage itself!

Accurate Diagnosis

A venous duplex scan creates detailed images of vascular tissues including their restriction positions and arterial-venous(artery/vein) connections. It differs from other tests because it can isolate specific areas allowing doctors comprehensive examination insights necessary when planning appropriate medical interventions for patients (well hello accuracy!)

With its precise level of information, physicians will take significantly less time diagnosing what might be causing health issues instead of purely relying on observational analysis and experience.

Fast Results Availability For Maximum Immediate Response

Doctors can analyze these data sets as soon as they are printed out by measuring flow rate patterns ruling out immediate serious underlying concerns (such as heart conditions) . Very modest feedback loop time means faster implementation possible treatment plans for individuals like anti-inflammatory medicines (blood thinner meds), restricted activities identification or even surgical procedures (flash decision making!). Unlike past times where scanning results took days you know how Doctors get busy nowadays!)

You don’t have to sell an organ to afford Duplex Scanning! The cost may vary depending on which hospital/laboratory tested at however usually ranges around Php2k – P10k approximately ($40-$200 USD/based individually patient needs).

It is common practice worldwide in healthcare settings offering payment options such cash/card transactions No need break bank simply just preparing enough money (But do note different prices offered reflecting industrial competition)

Venous duplex scans are generally safe and issue-free for most people. However, there could be a few minor effects worth noting:


From time to time, some people feel minor discomfort during the Duplex Scan procedure – usually caused by pressure applied from the ultrasound wand moving over one’s skin (Nothing to worry about)

Allergic Reaction To Gel Used In The Procedure

The gel used can cause allergic reactions in rare situations (This is actually no joke!) Let your doctor know if you have any healthy concern beforehand so they’ll take proper precautions.

That will save everybody unnecessary trouble, duh!

We’ve talked about venous duplex scanning as well as its benefits while also opening up possible health issues it gives hint off that affects big or small demographic individuals in The Philippines..

It is critical hencewise that every person recognizes the importance of our veins and blood flow. And obtain medical advice should we develop symptoms related to vascular conditions such DVT or varicose veins.

A delectable recipe inside hospital/government legislation on implementing vein care aid had made Venous Duplex Scanning an affordable option for Filipinos who may benefit from it medically across all social classes as Covid-19 still lurks around when traveling is put at risk due lockdowns.

Aside from ensuring good circulation through adequate exercise routines alongside diet requirements intertwined with appropriate medications detailed diagnostic process using Ultasound techniques like Vnus (®) ClosureFAST™ procedures optimal functioning veins increasing productivity longevity and quality life we just get excited thinking about how much more things we can do without panting heavily after climbing a flight of stairs! Cheers to that!!

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