Unwind and Recharge: It’s Time to Rest

Are you tired of being tired? Feeling like you could use another 10 hours of sleep even though you already got your recommended 8 hours? We’ve all been there, but the solution is simpler than you think. All it takes is giving yourself permission to rest and recharge. So go ahead, cancel all those plans, call in sick (not really – don’t lose your job because of us), and let’s delve into why rest is important.

What Happens When You Don’t Rest?

Being a functioning human being requires energy – both physical and mental. Without adequate rest, our bodies and minds start feeling sluggish leading to negative impacts on our health.

The Physical Impacts

  • Decreased immune system function
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Inability to perform daily activities efficiently

The Mental Impacts

  • Lack of focus
  • Irritability
  • Brain fog

Why Do We Avoid Resting?

With such significant drawbacks from not resting enough (yes we’re looking at you workaholics), one would expect that most people would be fighting over who gets the chance to take a nap first. Unfortunately, society has normalized this detrimental behavior leading us so far as to shame people for wanting some much-needed R&R.

Hustle Culture

We live in a fast-paced world where working long hours signifies success rather than making meaningful progress towards an end goal (this mentality needs changing ASAP). The constant pressure to hustle leaves little room for downtime which ultimately leads us down the wrong path wherein contrary belief rests are designated only during weekends or vacations when they must be taken frequently if one expects satisfactory happiness levels throughout their week!

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

It’s usually around Thursday when those pesky thoughts creep into our heads regarding what ‘fun stuff’ others (read friends, family, co-workers) are up to. You start feeling like a loser for taking the weekend off because you’re not “living” if you’re not continuously hustling (aka grinding in social media lingo).

Finally, know that FOMO is overhyped and it’s okay to take some time for ourselves.

How To Create Space For Resting

Most people think that resting means doing nothing but shutting down your mind entirely does more harm than good (Remember how our minds work when we sleep?). Luckily unwinding can be accomplished through various activities (sorry busy bees fully relaxing is still recommended).

Physical Activity

Although exercise may seem counterintuitive as you burn energy instead of saving or conserving it, regular physical activity leads to better sleeping habits along with an array of health benefits including stress relief and improved mood. It isn’t necessary to hit the gym either – just walk around your apartment complex or perform calming yoga poses at home.


Incorporating hobbies into your daily routine puts emphasis on having fun alongside relaxation. Engaging in something we love eases stressors while providing enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction from learning new things- win-win!

Self-Care Rituals

Performing self-care routines such as enjoying long baths, extended skincare sessions or massages directly helps tap into our parasympathetic nervous system thereby helping us relax aptly(bonus points if done regularly).

Resetting Boundaries

Once set boundaries help both balance life whilst increasing overall productivity however they often get shunned towards the back burner once things pile up(um hello?? personal experience always). It’s essential that setting aside time every day solely dedicated for rest becomes intentional rather than something done after all tasks have been completed (cough cough NOT DOING THIS RIGHT NOW).

The Bottom Line

Rest days don’t make us lazy nor do they signify a lack of ambition- In fact, they are integral for a healthy life’s development. Remember that taking time off despite external and internal pressures is not only important but necessary(Insert courageous fist bump here even if you didn’t sign-up or read this to feel any sort of enthusiasm at all). What ways do you plan on unwinding? Drop-in, let us know!

Readers’ Comment Section

We appreciate your feedback [insert thoughtful pose symbol].

  1. Reader #1: Thanks very informative!! Sticking to hobbies works best for me 🙂
  2. Reader #2 : I’ve been really enjoying my evening walks lately so serene can’t believe I never made such activity mandatory earlier.
  3. Reader #3: Is it okay if we treat ourselves every day??asking for myself lol

Happy resting everyone![sleepy smile]

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