Unveiling: What’s Wrong with Me? Why Do I Feel Like This?

Have you ever woken up feeling like a hidden camera crew is waiting for your next move? Or wondered why you feel the urge to burst into tears during an insurance commercial? If you’re nodding along, then welcome to the land of humans – where emotions run wild and rationality takes a backseat.

So, what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this’? Let’s delve deeper into the mysteries of human emotion and uncover some answers.

All Aboard The Emotional Rollercoaster

Humans are complex creatures. We don’t always respond predictably or reasonably, unlike cats who simply ignore us until they want food (cat owners know what we’re talking about). Emotions are at the heart of much of human behaviour, from our most selfless acts to our worst impulses. They can be positive or negative depending on various factors- ranging from circumstances to personal experiences.

Some days it feels like we’ve got it all under control; other days not so much- cue that one time when your mom asked when you’ll get married (you were single) or that colleague in accounting who never washes his hands after using the bathroom (seriously dude…wash them mits!).

Not surprisingly we humans experience over forty different types of emotions which range from anger to love. An array which runs heavily on both ends fueling both good & bad moments(although personally we believe frustration should have its own category…)

Emotional_wheelWhat would happen if these wheel segments were physical organisms fighting each other for dominance inside of us.

Frenemies: Anger And Aggression

We as humans tend towards aggressive actions in certain instances because sometimes it just seems easier than having difficult conversations. The line between anger and aggression is thin, but it’s drawn between the thoughts we have when angry vs how they manifest in our words or actions. In simpler terms Just because you’re ticked off doesn’t mean you should start a scrum match with your neighbor

Highs And Lows: Depression

Depression is one of the most harmful human conditions; without knowing what triggers it, we can spiral into an abyss. Feelings of loneliness attached to sadness be caused by circumstances such as loss, rejection or isolation which makes emotionally vulnerable individuals easier targets to experience depression,. We often feel hopeless yet overly numb at once.

To avoid feeling low here are some tips:

  • Surround yourself with positive people(presumably not those who get their kicks from bad news)
  • Get out more(sans mob).
  • Try new things (not crack..please stay away from illicit substances)
  • Find things worth living for (family,friends,cats,dogs and hamsters)

Faces_of_DepressionThe struggles involved in tackling depression

Love Makes People Do Crazy Things…Like Write Poetry

People say love is one of life’s sweetest adventures but to us its just beyond comprehension after all stories on heartbreak,surprise proposals(personally I think if someone proposes without a bit warning they don’t deserve the answer)departs etc ,our perception may differ from yours . Still,we’ll do anything for a glimpse of affection whether real, scripted or delusional.

Here Are Some Surprising Ways Love Affects The Brain:

1.Dopamine production increases during initial attraction stages
2.Oxytocin release during physical touch helps solidify relationships
3.The brain finds something inherently satisfying about finding someone “perfection”
4.People bond over shared pain points during conversations

Why Are Some People More Emotional Than Others?

It’s clear; humans are emotional beings, but why do some people experience emotions more deeply than others? Much of it is due to our individual genetic wiring and how we’ve processed events and circumstances (the classic nature vs nurture debate).

This doesn’t mean you should take a fatalistic approach or believe that suffering makes us stronger. If anything, recognizing the factors that contribute to heightened emotions paves the way for better understanding- helping modulate their intensity in certain situations.

Some key factors affecting emotional response:

  • Genetics (how we’re wired)
  • Early life experiences
  • Traumatic events ^(flashbacks can be terrifying folks)
  • Ongoing stressors

Males Vs Females: Who Feels It More?

For many years , science supported the idea men were born with an inability to express emotions as women could this has since been proven false. Women often have higher thresholds because they ventilate instead of keeping things bottled up

However Due To Socialization, Men Are Often Taught To “suck it up” From A Young Age- This Approach Is Damaging That Needs Correction Hence The Surge Of Focus Support Groups Like ‘MenTalK Health!’. Which focus On Its Members Gaining Clarity on Factors Tracing Backl Causing You Missed Opportunities And high Reactivity Levels Leading To Poor Decision Making Process Though Sometimes Such Exercises Could Be Misrepresented As Therapy Yeah!.

emotions_By_genderThe similarities or differences between genders when it comes to emotive responses

Empaths Vs Emotion Controllers

Empaths & emotion controllers exist at both ends of the empathetic spectrum.Some individuals excel in reading people’s expressions and reacting accordingly while others anticipate results& choose preemptive measures like avoidance.No one path works for everyone it’s a case by case basis.

However, As Humans We Are Eternally Lonely Seekers Wishing To Be Understood & Appreciated Hence Being An Empath Enables One To Foster Strong Relationships Through Powerful Emotional Bonds. At The End Of The Day People Who Dwell On Negativity Rarely Accomplish Anything Of Actual Value( Unless it’s in pursuit of creating the next team-building exercise which always turn out to be hilarious).

What Else Can Affect Emotions?

The three primary factors that affect emotions are your mental health, physical body and external environment. But let’s break down each one further:

Mental Health: More Than Meets The Eye

Our cognitive security guard influences everything- from our daily routine to how we interpret certain things. when there is an imbalance present its reflected In our emotional responses ranging From Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD) characterized by constant worries about non-existent problems triggering feelings of helplessness& despair as well as Bipolar disorder marked by mood shifts between happiness and sadness being hard to identify making treating depression secondary given heightened levels increase manic episodes where more damage could occur . Should You Have Any Such Symptoms Please Consult A Professional! (Note taking yourself off prescribed medication on acquaintance advice because “They had this issue once”is not a good idea)

Physical Body Hurts And Helps

Endocrine System That Regulates Hormones Plays Key Role Here especially during puberty .This Is Why You Might Experience Extreme Levels Of Anger Or Irritability During Periods women though should note high hormonal cycles aren’t necessarily bad news for instance progesterone rumored to aid production of new brain cells&treats Depression.Whatever Not Sore Bring Just Take Care OF Yoruself.By ensuring general wellness(&Being Hydrated), you can prevent stress tanking mood significantly(we all know what happens when we get hangry!)

Environment Provides Valuable Mirror

We as humans are extremely sensitive to our environment- located anywhere from the clothes we wear,to work routine and even choice of napkin color. A healthy living space (organized spaces-during pandemic virtual ones-) can significantly impact emotions-making us feel either more anchored or frenzied. Ensuring presence In supportive environments Can also reduce risk of depression,anxiety & other mood disorders.

healthy_environmentA conducive working environment


Our human experience is an emotional one, sometimes blurring between conscious awareness and irrationality- It’s OK To Be Lost That’s Normal We’re not robots after all. Being duly informed on causes and effects helps demystify the emotional responses that occur within us .To quote Maya Angelou,” Emotionally spot-on individuals know how to communicate what they feel without offending their audience.”

It’s important navigating through life’s ups and downs understanding nuances behind your behaviours improves chances of positive outcomes in varying scenarios.Even when don’t make sense,that often usually means you’re just like everyone else Use any strategy available so long as it works in completing tasks,no harm no foul(so long as you won’t get sued 😉 )

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