Unmasking the Mystery: Period Smells Like Iron

Periods are a natural part of life for around 50% of the world’s population. They come with cramps, bloating, mood swings and other delights that many people know all too well. Amongst these is something that gets talked about less – the smell.

The Mysterious Metallic Odor

Many people describe period blood as having a metallic odor. This leads to some confusing moments when you’re trying to figure out why it smells like someone has been eating oysters in your trousers.

Why Does It Smell Like Iron?

The iron-like scent of menstruation can make people worry if there’s something wrong down below (not that we don’t love being anxious over little things) . Fresh menstrual fluid actually doesn’t have much of an odor though so there must something else going on here…

Blood vs Menstrual Fluid

To add even more intrigue into this already baffling topic, not all women experience this metallic smell during their periods either which could lead us to believe that this scent isn’t just from the actual blood itself but rather something else layered onto it.

So What Causes This Scent?

It turns out that peculiar period odor might be caused by bacteria or fungi growing in places they shouldn’t be – on tampons, pads and underwear (yikes!). While pantie-liners and pads definitely help reduce stains; they trap moisture allowing bacterias such as staphylococcus aureus and NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE (as delightful as their names may sound)to grow, which then creates odors.

When it comes to wearing tampons for longer than recommended or forgetting them completely (some would say those are crimes against humanity), chances are you’ll start smelling funky! The bacteria build-up can sometimes result in Toxic Shock Syndrome which ends up with emergency room visits.

Common Solutions

There are few simple solutions to this – and it’s nothing too complicated either.
– Firstly, keeping clean is key, ladies! Taking a shower twice a day can really help wash away any of the odor-causing bacteria before they get too comfortable.
– Change your tampons or pads regularly. Wearing one for more than 4 hours will increase the likelihood of women experiencing the unpleasant smell
– Letting your vagina breath (not that we needed an excuse) also helps as synthetic materials can create condensation which leads to bacterial growth

The Candyman Can… Help You Deal With This Smell Too!

One solution often overlooked is smelling something sweet and pleasant right after emptying out (no shame in checking ourselves out) or using air freshener spray
This might sound crazy, but Doctor Jen Gunter suggests tricking our sense of smell by finding something entirely different to focus on when going through these natural hormonal phases.

Other Invents such as Scented Tampons/Pads could all assist in “smoothing” over period smells.

Another way involves cutting multiple synthetic/conventional ones into smaller pieces and adding them into plastic bags.(Genius!)

When it comes down to menstrual hygiene products: REMEMBER Synthetic materials should be avoided; let’s not make those bacterias feel so welcome!

In conclusion…Well honestly, there ain’t no need to run yourself over with thoughts on this being GROSS or grosser than realizing you’ve been living next-door ghosts for years! Being aware & acting appropriately can just reduce discomforts (plus it won’t have others around us passing smelling salts!)