Unleash your curiosity with Be Amazed YouTube Channel

Are you bored out of your mind? Have you been scrolling through the internet aimlessly, looking for something that would pique your interest? Well, look no further because Be Amazed is here to feed your curiosity and entertain you at the same time!

What is Be Amazed?

Be Amazed is a popular YouTube channel known for its unique blend of informative and quirky videos. It covers every subject under the sun – from science to nature, history, technology, and everything in between. With over 7 million subscribers worldwide, it’s safe to say this channel has established itself as one of the most intriguing content providers on the platform.

Discover Fascinating Facts

Be Amazed takes a deep dive into various topics each week sending viewers on an immersive journey. They explore exciting scientific concepts like how many planets we could inhabit outside our solar system or what happens during lightning strikes.

In addition to science-based content, they offer historical insights about legendary figures from different cultures around the world. If history doesn’t fascinate you they also cover lesser-known facts about household objects that we use in everyday life like toothbrushes or shampoo bottles! Each video sets out to uncover hidden secrets surrounding these subjects supported by research-based information.

Learn Something New Every Week

If there’s one thing we all need more of it’s learning new things! And if there’s one thing you should know about BeAmazed it’s that their creative team puts effort into delivering well researched videos weekly leaving not only educated but excited for more fun fact discoveries.

They make complex information accessible even providing graphics or animations so dense academic talk can be enjoyed by everyone including those unfamilar with particular topics ! Plus tips & tricks are included so when trivia night rolls around,you’ll nab victory over friends & family easily, thanks to them!

The Hosts are Relatable

What makes Be Amazed so enjoyable to watch is the casual conversational tone delivered by the hosts. The two popular presenters of BeAmazed have a gift for communicating difficult topics in an easy-to-understand way.

The humor utilized throughout videos has won fans over too, adding a new layer of entertainment making it less dry and formal as other educational content on the platform. Their comedic timing leads to more memorable moments: who could forget when presenter Krispy jumped out of their chair during an episode about Giant Squid?! These personalized touches create attachment between the audience & creators often leading to developing ‘inside jokes’…and what’s better than bonding with strangers online about fun facts that make you say wow?

Checklist Before Watching

Before we delve into some specific episodes worth checking out let’s give you some tips! Here’s what you need before tuning in:

  1. Pen & Paper – Take notes while watching because there will be exciting facts
  2. Popcorn – Prepare your favorite snack ahead of time—these videos tend to be engrossing.
  3. Curious Mindset – Keep an open mind as these sometimes take unexpected turns or present information contrary to common knowledge!
  4. Questions Ready – This show encourages thinking outside-of-the-box and might provoke one or two interesting questions!

Episodes You Cannot Miss

Here are some must-watch episodes from Be Amazed that showcase why they stand out among YouTube channels :

Episode Title Description
How Much Gold Is There In The World? Learn how much gold we need for every person alive, how far down into Earth would diggers go,& just where most boxes stored containing untold riches identical cartoons?
Most Dangerous Places Scientists Want To Visit Daredevil researchers can get up close and personal with punishing weather conditions as well as life-threatening animals all while doing research on behalf
Secrets Behind The Fast Food Industry Are corporations up to no good when it comes to feeding us? This episode shines a light on the behind-the-scenes of what’s actually in your fries

These episodes are an excellent representation of Be Amazed’s uniqueness. Though dealing with widely varying topics, each video gives insight into important details that other shows would miss at the expense of gaining more viewers.


If you’re looking for more ways to stimulate and engage your brain or just need something else from mainstream content then consider checking out this YouTube Channel – there is guaranteed entertainment & knowledge present within! Their take on quirkier topics: whether they be conspiracies, spooky creatures or innovative inventions are highly recommended so prepare yourslef for those highly engaging insights you can use during your next trivia time.

We’ll leave you with one question… How many stars do gorillas see compared to humans?

You won’t find answers like these anywhere else but through Be Amazed – go give them a watch today!