Uncover Your Self-Love Score – Take the ‘Do I Love Myself Quiz’ Now!

Self-love is one of the most critical aspects of our lives that directly influences our mental and physical health. It encompasses recognizing your worth, taking care of yourself, setting healthy boundaries, and much more! But do you love yourself or just tolerate yourself? It’s time to find out with this fun quiz!

A New Way To Look At Loving Yourself

Unlike other quizzes which push us into binary responses (yes or no), we have a better solution here. We give scores ranging from 0-100, so don’t worry even if you’re not sure about your response to some options.

Now, let’s dive in with some deep self-discovery questions on this comprehensive quiz:

#1: How Do You Cope With Stress?

Stressful situations can be overwhelming at times for everyone. So how do you react when things get heavy? Check all that apply (We mean it!)

Response Points
I practice meditation or mindfulness regularly. 10
I’ve been trying therapy recently as my trusted coping mechanism. 15
Shopping online (mostly cute pjs) makes me happy while destressing. 5
Chocolate needseriously any form works wonders! Introduce me to the test already… 😛 -5

Pro-tip: Coping mechanisms shouldn’t harm anyone; try finding solutions without hurting others’ sentiments/ feelings.

#2: Are You a People Pleaser?

Check off every statement pertinent to oneself:

  • [ ] Saying “Yes” but meaning “No”.
  • [ ] Apologizing way too often.
  • [ ] Molding myself according to others.
  • [ ] Striving towards being perfect day in & day out
  • [x] Wait Whattt, I’m not any of these

#3: What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do?

We promise we aren’t judging you. We just like seeing what could possibly make you happy:

Choices Points
Reading books, preferably a cozy mystery or romantic comedy genre. 10
Watching movies solo while munching my fav snack (popcorn). 5
Trying new things like rock climbing, learning something different every time. 15
Practicing self- care which means basically anything related to it like bubble baths or massages etc. :P. -5

Pro-tip: Focusing on our hobbies leads to better mental and emotional health; continue doing things that spark up the twinkle in your eyes.

#4 How Often Do You Practice Gratitude? (Hint: Ain’t Got Time For being Negatively Nancy!)

Let’s pretend for at least one minute someone else is here with us right now – “Tell me fellow human, how often do ya count yer blessings eh?”.

What was your answer? Please select from the below list:

  • [ ] “Every day”
  • [x] “On occasion …when it feels necessary.”
  • [ ] “Very rarely”

Pro-Tip: Being grateful doesn’t require close attention just honesty towards oneself!

#5: Are You Comfortable With Who You Are?

Self-love looks differing for everyone but accepting ourselves is hard-hitting when beginning this journey. Which option best resonates with yourself?

  • [ ] There are many things about myself that I don’t accept.
  • [x] Of course! ^(Well except the little hiccup in math )
  • [ ] Sometimes I feel great but mostly insecure.

Acknowledge And Nurture Yourselves

Yes-finding answers can be daaunting. But (don’t worry) this quiz isn’t about judging! Instead, you’ll get to know yourself even better. If you’re honest with your answers (no peeking allowed!), we’re confident that the results will help set a stepping-stone towards a journey of self-love and self-care.

There’s no wrong score or failing grade here, so let’s take the “Do I love myself quiz” ^already and embark on this rollercoaster ride together!

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