Two vs Three Kids: Making the Ultimate Family Size Decision

 Congrats on taking this big step of deciding on how many kids to have. It's a tough choice that can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we're here to help you make the decision!

Considerations for Having Two Kids:

  1. The Perfect Balance?
  2. Financial ease
  3. Simple Holiday Plans
  4. Easier Transportation
  5. More Attention per Child

    When it comes to two kids, it’s all about balance and equality – mom vs dad time with each kid, family bonding moments together etc.

    You’ll definitely save financially compared to having more children as well(as long as they don’t require braces or extracurricular activities). If you live in a small house or apartment than having two kiddos is also easier when it comes to transportation and holiday plans.

    However, keep in mind that there will still be sibling rivalry even with only two little ones running around! Plus let’s not forget elderly advice of “Having shared parent attention is better for siblings’”. But hey maybe some healthy competition between siblings never hurt anyone!

Whatever floats your boat:

  1. Big family Dreamers
  2. Financial stability
    3.Constant Companionship
    4.The possibilities are endless

A dream come true for those who grew up watching “Home Alone” series hinting at missing out on what-if scenarios if no siblings were present.. You may want more than 2 because you’ve always imagined yourself having lots of children . Endless possibilities await along with constant companionship at any given time where they can grow up together..(ahh family goals indeed!)

As much as joyful thoughts come into play other factors such finances should probably be one of the main considerations since you'll need enough funds that goes beyond satisfying just emotional needs (and afterall money doesn’t grow on trees) to have more little ones under your wings. Don't fret, as they say 'when there's a will there's a way'!

The rise of tribe :

  1. Increased Happiness
  2. Development skills
    3.Large Family Number Breakers
    4.Devoted Siblings

    If you’re dealing with the possible future consequences of hard times ahead, big families have always had that safety net where siblings are able to support and protect each other thereby increasing happiness while somewhat perfecting their teamwork and leadership skills from early childhood.

    There is no shame in breaking the norm of having fewer children- let’s “go big or go home” folks! Let those numbers fly if you feel it’s right for your family dynamic- who knows maybe you thought like 2 kids would be enough but then wanted some more – this is not uncommon!

Also larger families create devoted siblings who look out for one another regardless of age plus guess what? When it comes down to busy holidays everyone has someone new yet familiar to talk/bond with esp when parents drop by & such!

Sleepless nights:

1.Twice More Random Wakes Ups!
2.Odds Are High on Arguments (Parents)
3.Cash Bleeder(Costs associated w/ extra Child)

Of course the opposite end can also feel overwhelming especially during newborn stages... twice as many wake-upsat night which means less time spent sleeping overall.

It could get even worse when kids start arguing over shareable space and household items: WHO TOOK MY IPAD GRRRRR is often heard -Brace yourself

Money wise,you may find yourself upping your funds since we do all know that two children already eat through our wallets in record speed let alone adding an additional bundle.

Here are few things people usually consider before making any plotty decision!

Financially Sounder Money Probably Tighter
Easier Transportation chaotic schedules with multiple pick ups and drop offs
depending on Kids’ age routines
Two eyes, thus better focus Tend to be more overworked since
directed for moms/dad extra responsibility.
 Your hands will fill up muuuch at home with additional laundry & cleaning..all these tasks that seem to never end + the worst part .. dishes ugh! (Naturally none of which toddlers may choose to assist)

Now let’s assume you’re sitting tight between choosing two or three kids… it is difficult right? In keeping with tradition here are some pro-tips :

Pro Tips:

  1. Story time for yourself -Ask your partner and family/friends about their experiences raising one/two/three little ones
    2.Get mathematical- Count costs based on number of children depending on country’s child support laws.
    3.Check in regularly –As each kid grows things can change drastically so keep tabs too.

    Listen first hand from those who have experienced the process(learn tips/tricks) It’ll give a firsthand account leaving little room for imagination/theoretical aspects.

    Math doesn’t lie Ever considered calculating how much a larger family would dent your bank account ? You’ll be surprised at what expense reports reveal !

Remember when more children come into play, adjustments are made including being dynamic when unexpected changes pop up without compromising quality level of care etc., it never ends but hey don’t fret despite all the changes once the music sets in life is simply beautiful no matter how many stars are wishing upon !

The Finale:

Being certain before coming to that finale choice does less harm than good Start asking: Do we want more children just because society thinks we should have more? Or do we want a big family I always wished for?

 The feeling you have when it comes to finally coming around making the choice will be an incredible journey so feel confident in what feels right. Life’s about learning from mistakes and adjusting till eventually, it becomes just perfect!