Trapped by Words: Narcissists’ Tricks to Keep You Around

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a relationship that made you feel drained, frustrated, and unappreciated? Do you often ignore your inner voice telling you there might be something wrong with the person you’re dating or in a relationship with? If these questions resonate with you, then it’s possible that you’re dealing with a narcissist. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, lack of empathy towards others and attention seeking.

Unfortunately for their partners or anyone around them, narcissists have cunning ways to keep people entrapped in their lives long after they should leave. Here are some tricks used by narcissists to keep others at bay:

Love bombing

A classic narcissist move is love bombing; this involves showering someone early on in the relationship with lavish amounts of attention and gifts. Love bombing can give some individuals the illusion that they’ve finally found “the one”. But once they get hooked into the trap so carefully laid out by the narcassist, reality sets in and suddenly everything changes.


Gaslighting refers to manipulative behavior where someone tries to convince another person that what they thought happened didn’t happen at all – even if there was proof that it did! In essence, gas lighting makes other people doubt themselves as well as their own memories making them easier targets from future abuse.

Projecting onto Others

Projectionism is another tactic many people use without realizing it. The principle here involves accusing other people of doing things which we ourselves do most likely due to intense guilt feelings buried deep inside us..


Example : A cheating partner might accuse his/her significant other of being disloyal just because he/she hates confronting accountability issues himself/herself.

In this example pushrashes assignment, you are about to explore the different ways narcissists keep people entrapped:

Emotional Blackmail

Narcissistic personalities often use emotional blackmail to control and manipulate others. They play with their partner’s emotions, make promises or even threaten impacts on them.
The objective here is to create a situation where the other person feels like they owe something to the narcassist.


When someone suddenly cuts off all communication without providing any explanation, it’s called “ghosting.” While this practice can happen for many reasons such as fear of confrontation or personal issues which need attention- narcissists take advantage since they want total domination over their victim without listening 2 his/her woes/ worries

Smear Campaigns

If a narcissist fears somebody may out him/herself for who he/she truly is – this possibility alone might trigger spiteful retaliation in order if necessary including recruiting allies into launching extensive smear campaigns against that potential whistle blower thereby painting portrayals of falsehood & lies.

Did you know that experts trace our prevailing sense of celebrity-worship back to Narcissus, Greek mythology figure? A typical aspect in some Personalities with NPD is an extreme attachment to public validation stemming from deep seeded insecurities. Though true narcissists are only be found within a tiny subset (4 percent) but impact multitudes beyond victims through covert aggression tactics pumped up through inflated ego exposure giving them breeding ground heightening grandiose illusions eventually leading inevitably towards self implosion most cases terminated by reclusive tendencies due guilt and shame feelings unto themselves after failing at imposing absolute dictatorial rule over every single individual around?

Spotting Narcs

It may interest you note down few behavorial patterns indicative love-bombings & gaslightings when it occurs e.g excessive number calls from your doting new boyfriend/girlfriend early on despite barely knowing each other yet; carefully direct emphasis on oneself while ignoring others they converse with; or- invalidate your reality so that you continually question yourself and come to accept their version lies as a fact! Remember, catching these red flags early will support productive confrontations leading 2 healthiest outcomes possible!

The Reward System

Nice people often fail getting far with manipulative personalities such as narcissists because of how nice, polite and forgiving. Narcissists are known for creating mental reward systems where affection is given sparingly only when someone does what they want from them – this enables rewarding behavior but do not allow the other individual the same liberty which can rob such persons out of long term satisfaction.

Congratulations if made it here! It takes courage to face the reality standing in front then constructively extract yourselves from abusive relationships traps concocted by narcissistic partners/friends/colleagues.. Use tips below gain traction towards reclaiming back control over ur existence whilst undertaking conscious efforts reduce victimization possibilities deriving most optimal circumstances next encounter future desired relationship prospects…


· Recognize their tactics e.g Gaslighting & Love Bombing.
· Beware Projects onto Others projectionism used usually guilt cushion against accountability acknowledging he/she may not have always been perfect too…
· Acknowledge emotional blackmail attempts default blame shifting practice forming cornerstones coercive control prevalent throughout plot line narrated at affordable cost points experience low key malicious bullying tactics which seek undermine confidence…

Now that we’ve managed to identify some survival mechanisms required overcome a narcassist addiction let’s move ahead: awareness prevention monitoring fallout.


Trusting gut instincts is an excellent way discern whether one’s deal1ng with personality disorders like NPD since intuition naturally wants protect individuals caught within cross-hairs of toxic personalities even if no physical harm immediately visible 2 parties involved..

Avoid intimate friendship/romantic relationships new acquaintances having demonstrated narcissist characteristics like:
– Focus solely on self-expression without listening to others;
– Frequently attempt dominate every situation /conversations a person finds themselves in.

Planning for the Fallout

In preparation venturing forward FREE new day, try have an actionable plan achieving success scenarios winding down interactions with narcissists around while mitigating risks posed.. Here are some vital points keep mind…

  1. Prepare oneself mentally by being aware of red flags one’s likely encounter along long haul..
  2. Learn useful tips responding accordingly e.g mirroring mimicking mannerisms used gaslighting affected party make sure they maintain control over their fleeting sense normality.
  3. Seek counsel from someone outside relationship psychology experts/mediators professional bodies specifically trained deal destructive personalities like PPD etc combined empathetic capacity match experience creating safe haven advice targets can trust reach out when ready tackle triggering panic moments amid pending fallouts thereof.

Remember! If dealing NPD, It’s important not loose focus believe fabricated versions reality set traps intended silence complicity unsuspecting victims! Stay vigilant educated towards eventually emerging high above those virtual prisons…we acknowledge narcissism manifestation within human consciousness may border overwhelming proportions presented language today so far into recognising such behaviours in order fight back against them it’s best consulted professional help resource centres nearest your location hoping ensue ultimately meaningful emancipation thereafter arrival fulfillment accompanying healing aesthetics necessary truly succeed as you embrace true identity ahead future strides life may present 02u remains only yours alone mea culpa regrettably services unavailable hereby offer specific treatments unfortunately do inform that mentorship programs geared providing you with right insights abounds however at varied price options purposed cater scope opinion sets personal objectives chosen course action way possible enabling victim(s) soon realize dreams ambitions albeit events transpired earlier still encouraging us together through this period difficulty…