Transforming a men’s shirt into a stylish dress

Do you have an old, oversized men’s shirt hanging unworn in your closet? Don’t let it go to waste! Turn it into something stylish and fashionable with just a few simple steps. In this article, we’ll show you how to transform that old shirt into a stunning dress that will have everyone asking where you got it.

Materials Needed:

Before we get started, make sure you have the following materials on hand:

  • Old men’s shirt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure Yourself

First off, let’s get personal. Use your measuring tape to determine your bust, waist and hip measurements.

Once you’ve figured out what they are add about two inches to each measurement – this will give us enough space for seam allowances. Now write down these new numbers somewhere handy because we’ll be referring back to them throughout the process.

Step 2: Cut Your Shirt

Now it’s time to cut up that old men’s shirt that has been taking up valuable closet space all these years.

  1. Lay your shirt flat onto a surface (ideally ironed first).
  2. Gently fold one side of the shirt over – making sure both sides look symmetrical.
  3. We’ll now begin by cutting off those sleeves – use scissors to snip them away from the body of the garment.
  4. You should now see two separate pieces left; at this point feel free to slice through either side seams so as everything is completely detached,
  5. From here measure down from collar/shoulder line about 50cm-ish then create another horizontal across-cutline which becomes our choice on how deep we want our neckline/spilt front area.
    4.Cut along this indicates slash line stopping towards hem level roughly like 1-5 cm from bottom, depending on how long of a dress you want.

Step 3: Create the Bodice

Now it’s time to create that fitted bodice. We’re going to use the front piece of our shirt as this simply already features buttons down the length of it.

1.Starting at one end of your shirt start snipping/cutting, using curved lines around armhole/shoulder-neckline then stem while gradually making diagonal stopping about 2cm away from collar.
2.If the original button placket does not reach entire bodice measurement & crossing over point towards mid chest or waist; – cut excess fabric off so they match in proportion/exposure
3.Once done with cutting through front center to where waist will be sewn also extends across top side edge back towards axilla and graduating into diagonal towards hem area,
4. Split facing layer apart from lining line fold both toward each other allowing them closer together ready for stitching process.

Step 4: Add Sleeves

Your sleeveless dress is looking great but needs arms!! There are two ways you can go here, option A would be adding sleeves onto an already made garment like substituting leather (for edgy look) or lace(in case evening out). Or If you’re working directly onto shirt material:

  1. Cut pieces out using scraps left behind after initial men’s shirt surgery – make sure they’re twice as wide as longer direction however mis-perfection customisable aspect doesn’t hold any weight here.
    2.Right sides together pin baste all those edges we just cut along curves (note these should now meet up quite nicely since been tailored) Lastly slide under presser-foot locking stitch around raw seam edges five eight distance always continuing until circle closes,

Ta-dah! You have created some dramatic statement sleeves which’ll turn heads!!

Step 5: Finishing Touches!

Lastly comes time when we’ve got that final fitting down and have accomplished an wearable garment, now all there’s left on “to-do” list is to finish things off:

  1. Give entire dress another once over- make sure their no protruding threads.
  2. Hemline/seams: Fold up hem edge – double fold seam– stitch around close to the folded-edge –sewing line should be straight/even spaced out;
    3.Topstitching: Stitch along neckline also sleeves leaving side of dress markings for undone zipper access (i.e just leave some marks where you’d like one IF want zip-) A big old thick grommet with lace-up detail will do n’ a pretty bow too
    4.Buttons/ Fastenings: The shirt would’ve had buttons previously keep those stuck in place, ready for fastening.
    5.Accessorise!: Add any optional extras according personal taste – studded belt or boho style headband etc to really accentuate flair.


There you go! Your brand new stylish dress made without spending extra cash buying from stores or designer brands. It’s not every day we get chance mess about into tailoring our own fashionable outfits but totally worth doing it oneself rather than purchasing designer items at extortionate prices!

With just a men’s shirt that was hanging idly in the back of your closet waiting begrudgingly for donation season– now converted into something uniquely yours– it doesn’t take much time nor resources either!!

Enjoy showing off creative elements which were put towards custom-made wardrobe using one-of-a-kind fabrics while flaunting international sense fashion identity wrapped within stylin’ edges!!

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