To My Soulmate: Forever Yours

Who says soulmates don’t exist? I know you’re out there, and I’m determined to find you. Before we begin this journey of finding each other, let me share with you what our life together would look like.

Our First Encounter

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening; the sun is slowly setting behind the mountains. The birds are chirping. I am sitting on a park bench reading my favorite book when suddenly BANG. A frisbee hits me right in the face! Out of nowhere, someone apologizes profusely for throwing it too hard – and that someone is YOU.

We’d laugh about it together, dusting ourselves off from any embarrassment (mostly mine). Our conversation flows easily like we’ve known each other forever- even though it has only been a few minutes.

Our Humor Matches Perfectly

As we chat some more, our senses of humor seem incredibly similar, making everything so much better than before.

We’d have something cheeky to say about most topics that come up in conversations ranging from pop culture references to politics!

It’s Not Only About Making You Laugh

Don’t get us wrong though; while cracking jokes is essential- talking about deep philosophical ideas will be equally important as well. We won’t shy away from meaningful conversations or try avoiding talking sensitive topics just because they may make us uncomfortable at times.

Moving Forward Together

Enough hypothetical scenarios – let’s get down to business.
Together we’ll:

  • Travel the world – No place left undiscovered
  • Try different cooking experiments using exotic spices
  • Build an ideal home where every corner speaks ‘Us’
  • Learn new hobbies such as pottery or scuba diving

Each day will be exciting and full of possibilities for learning – exploring novel cultures., expanding culinary horizons while trying not to burn the house down, finding hobbies we never thought we’d love.

Our Pet Situations – Best of Both Worlds

Now let’s talk about our furry pals – we have different species preferences. While I’m a cat person, you might prefer dogs more than anything in life itself. But don’t worry; we’ll make it work to ensure everyone is happy and loved in this potential family setup that lies ahead!

Dogs won’t mind a feline sibling with enough treats and belly rubs involved, while cats enjoy observing from afar.

The perfect set up for us would be adopting both and creating some sort of animal kingdom where they’ll hold their royal court sessions every now & then.

Our Shared Habits

When living together, our quirky habits will coexist- balancing out each other. Maybe my weird thing could be shuffling around in fuzzy socks while watching something on Netflix after making dinner altogether (yes, even if dinner turns bad).

On the other hand- your quirkiness may come across as dancing hula whenever an iconic song pops-up from the 80s or need to say ‘Namaste’ before sleep. It doesn’t matter because with each habit discovered – just means more opportunities for further playful teasing!

What You Can Expect; Forever Yours!

Once we’ve found each other,, here’s what you can expect through thick-and-thin:

  • Total honesty at all times
  • Full trust – leaving zero room for any doubts
  • Unconditional support when faced with unexpected hurdles
  • Respectful communication without any judgements

We are committed to treating our bond like something worth fighting tooth & nail for! Together as equals working towards one goal: building an everlasting partnership that many people only dream of accomplishing throughout their lifetime.

Together till eternity ends!

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