Tinea versicolor african american face?

If you’re an African American struggling with skin issues, then it’s time we address the elephant in the room- tinea versicolor (1). With Hollywood depicting a flawless and unblemished version of beauty while we deal with real-life imperfections, it can leave us questioning our skin. Don’t fret; you are not alone in this struggle! In this article, let’s delve deep into what tinea versicolor is, how it affects your face as an African American, and practical solutions for treating it.

Understanding Tinea Versicolor

You’ve probably never heard of Tinea Versicolor before or maybe just its deceitful name – “white spots.” Why deceitful? It’s because these irregular patches on your body may be white or brown, making them challenging to spot (2). Here’s what causes thine Veriscolor:

Fungal Overgrowth

Fungi called Malassezia globosa naturally live on our skin without causing any problems most of the time. However, when they start overgrowing due to various reasons like oily skin or hot weather conditions- BOOM! We have ourselves that nasty fungal infection which leads us down memory lane yay!

The fungus feeds off oils produced by skin cells known as sebum creating hypopigmented scaly macules everywhere!

Note: Macules refer to flat areas being different from other surrounding tissue color-wise.

Imbalanced pH

Remember those high school science classes where you learned about pH levels? Well well well… now they come handier than ever before! Our acidic mantle which works overtime protecting us from harm could also lead them darn fungi global warming and ‘happy hour,’ inviting spore germination – so much for hard work eh?

Now malassezia yeasts think there’s no traffic light ahead forgeting to turn back to a dormant stage.


So if you’re thinking of using highly alkaline skincare products – STOP right there! You do not want your skin pH outta whack for any reason, so let’s put those high pH products aside.

Overgrowth due steroid use

We know that all muscles are good- but did you know that excessive steroids usage causes tinea versicolor? After intense workouts, athletes may use steroids causing their hormones to imbalances leading straight into the path of fungal infection.

Symptoms tinea versicolor on African American face

As an African American or even people with darker complexions globally don’t form white fungi patches like other ethnicities (REMEMBER THE SILLY NAME?), as they lead onto brown ones (3) making it a bit difficult to differentiate from normal body pigmentation.

But here’s how we can isolate them:

  • Itchy Scaly Macules
  • Increased sweating
  • Brown irregular patches which continue spreading

Trust us when we say that nothing screams fun like feeling self-conscious about our skin amidst social events and dealing with uneven blemishes throughout the day. But frens keep pushing through because we will figure this thing out together!

Treating Tinea Versicolor in African Americans

First off, let’s acknowledge that treating tinea versicolor isn’t easy, especially if it has progressed enough where prescription medication is inevitable. However, here are some DIY solutions suggested by various dermatologists to treat mild cases-

Selsun Blue Shampoo Treatment

You read that correctly–the iconic purple shampoo can help clear up dark spots on your face! This over-the-counter solution containing selenium sulfide helps cure fungus while removing patches caused by said fungus.

Note: Only apply once daily at night-time for 7-10 days before rinsing off.

Avoid Heavy & Oily Skincare Products

Time for some new skincare products! So, since we know excessive oils provide a prosperous environment for fungus to grow, it’s smart to steer clear of these types of products. Moreover, ensure you use oil-free moisturisers.

Tea Tree Oil

Pure tea tree oil serves as an antiseptic with remarkable anti-fungal properties (4). Just add a few drops in evenly proportionated carrier oil and apply on affected area.

Avoid Tight-Fitted Clothing

I know your new stretchy gym leggings from Amazon look hella cute- but what’s cute is a skin free irritation! It’s significant to choose loose-fit breathable clothes that don’t cause sweating or friction against the skin.

Prescribed Medications

When all else fails after giving each method enough time for effectiveness (at least 3 weeks), physicians might recommend prescribed oral or topical medications specifically designed for fungal infections.

Prevention Is Key

Catching tinea versicolor early is vital—prevention is more important than cure:

  1. Maintain good hygiene – shower regularly
  2. Use gentle but effective exfoliators like glycolic acid weekly.
  3. Choose breathable fabrics when choosing clothing items especially sportswear
    4.Do not share towels & personal care items until treated thoroughly.


There you have it frens; if you are struggling with tinea versicolor, we hope this article has provided insight into everything that’s tied up in knots in your beautiful brain around the topic (5).

And remember: having tinea versicolor isn’t something anyone should feel ashamed about because guess who it can happen to? Anyone at any age anywhere trippy eh? As always, visit a dermatologist if things get outta whack okay?

Happy healing, ebony beauties :tada::smiling_face_with_heart-shaped_eyes:.