Thoughts are all over the place?

We all have experienced moments where our thoughts are like a giant mess in our head. It can be frustrating, but did you ever stop to think that this may just be okay? Embracing the chaos of your mind is possible and even fun! Here are tips on how to celebrate those scattered thoughts:

Why Do We Have Scattered Thoughts?

Before we dive into ways to accept our erratic thinking patterns, let’s establish why they happen in the first place. Our minds process information every second – from what we see, hear and emotionally feel. According to research found at a scholarly source, an average human has about 6,200 daily thoughts or more; however, only a few register as memories.

The process of remembering is selective because it aids us in filtering out things that aren’t useful later; if everything mattered equally well there’d be no discretion over forgetting anything which will tire your brain easily- oh boy!

Moreover, with such a large number of processes going through one day comes “information overload.” Your subconscious mental gears keep on rotating long after you’ve stopped paying attention so even when you’re not actively directing them don’t expect some quiet time for yourself either-bestie!

To put it simply for my fellow humans; we get distracted naturally by random shiny objects (thoughts) that grab our conscious brain’s focus while processing incoming sensory data-“It’s Evolution baby!”

This leads us straight into talking about accepting these weird fuzzy bunny ideas hopping around- again!

Yes Embrace…The Chaos

Your mind isn’t supposed to function perfectly organized and effectively- yeah sorry OCD peeps ,that approach ain’t working here(unless you got food,pizza cardboard boxes then bring it over…hahaha),there isn’t enough order externally nor within ourselves-preach home girls!!!!

Strangely enough embracing those scattered thoughts and being okay with them is way…way healthier for you. Don’t blame yourself, the society or circumstances because-those neuronic pathways getting busy can be constructive in the end.

Additionally, trying to control your mind drives us nuts- nobody understands that better than the suppressed personalities/illness cases (I hear you man!). You wind up spending too much time focusing on just not having these floods of disparate ideas instead of contemplating ways to harvest their potential output!(lets drool over cinnabon together)

Use Those Random Ideas

Depending on how weird and random our thoughts are or come across as once they appear; we should be working tirelessly towards finding some kind of purpose! How else could Jeff Bezos have gone this far without embracing his “wacky” dreams right?

Luckily there’s an alternative group therapy that runs parallel called “event-triggered narratives”; it’s just a huge fancy name though- what it actually means is every thought counts,silly or cheesy.(haha sprinkle those sugar on my waffles!)

Simply put!! Think creatively, vividly – like visualizing chickens with two heads running. That’s insane yet quite funny; but if we brainstorm through ,we might have new marketing techniques for quirky campaigns at KFC-(Finger Lickin’ Goodified!)

Anyway embrace randomness by using your perceptions as affirmative tools to gather relevant & stronger statements! Because good outshines bad 3 folds(winks!)

Not All Everywhere Though

Scratch everything I said previously about accepting chaotic unpleasant thoughts .That’s not exactly what I meant – keep sifting through feelings regularly darlings.

Negativity does impact mental functioning adversely …no seriously don’t take it lightly peeps-well yeah Covid currently going around isn’t helping either.. Any form of breakdown triggers depressive/anxiety states which eventually lead down spirills- again know thy nearest wellness center !!

Remember stress elevates cortisol levels, leading to impaired memory retention!!
Illnesses can physically hamper your mind capability-so balance those nutrients better!
Family/friend issues…well let’s just say a certain aunty of mine stays waaay far from my Facebook account- ain’t nobody needs that level of added drama in their lives lol!!(anybody else got one of these relatives?-I’ll form a club!)

Simplify Your Life

Your thoughts being all over the place could possibly hurt you even further if too much outside triggers bring about excess chaos already. So find simple things and it’s okay to ask for help at times y’all.

For example decluttering the home/space-that extra stacking up plates we never use was due before (true story)-it seemed crazy I know but with an eventual pandemic lock-down, glad …HAPPY “ME” threw some crap around,finally!

Simplification implies reducing physical/mental pressures entirely; giving mental space or more room enhances adaptive constructive development.(the zone be like)

Also taking care of yourself mentally is crucial humans – exercise,yoga,counselling-meditation(ok fine cat/puppy videos alright!) ;and stay connected-Smile Evenly To Absolutely Real Satisfied Egos (love dat acronym-manifesting gangsta on-line)

Enjoy The Ride Folks!

Ultimately whether our thoughts are scattered or aligned at any moment – every occurrence helps process future potential visions. Our mindsets aren’t supposed to operate precisely enough & checking off boxes according to societal norms.

In fact quite the opposite- embrace randomize tendencies by creatively combining them towards productive zeniths.It may take -time,discernible intention ,organization et al-but hey why not let loose??!(lets silly dancing create connections together!)

Life isn’t meant for perfectionism rather fulfillment: Disorganized mental patterns cause most accidents,hiccups around the globe…but also absurdly innovative ideas that nobody predicted.

So next time when somebody is dejected about being high strung,thinking/focusing too much-always remember you can thrive within those frivolous moments too.

As Gary Vaynerchuk quoted: “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”.(wise move indeed papa would be proud!)

Let thoughts flow like Pink Floyd’s music and be immersed in them – celebrate randomness!

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