This Year Has Been Tough: How We Persevered

2020 was a rough year. Like… really, really rough. But we made it through! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the challenges that came our way, and how we managed to keep going even when things seemed impossible.

A Global Pandemic? No Biggie.

Remember back in March when we thought this thing would only last a few weeks? Ha! Little did we know what 2020 had in store for us. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard, forcing people into quarantine and changing life as we knew it.

But despite the fear and uncertainty that came with each day, humans showed some serious perseverance. We learned to work from home on Zoom calls (and quickly realized just how important pants are), found ways to stay connected while physically apart (helloooooo virtual happy hours), and followed safety guidelines like wearing masks diligently.

Here’s hoping our newfound appreciation for cleanliness sticks around long after the pandemic ends – no more accidentally touching your face after petting strangers’ dogs!

Wildfires Can’t Keep Us Down

Even before COVID-19 reared its ugly head, wildfires were causing chaos across parts of Australia and California. People lost their homes or were forced to evacuate (no one needs this level of spontaneity in their lives) while firefighters risked everything they had (including their own health) fighting these blazes that raged outta control.

In true human spirit though, folks donated money or supplies however they could (did anyone else have excess fire retardant laying around?) & volunteered numerous hours helping those affected by wildfire damage.

It goes without saying but bravo courageous volunteers fighting forest fires; thanks also to everyone who supported them whether financially or otherwise during perilous times.

#BlackLivesMatter Takes Center Stage

Let’s all chime in -Can we all agree that there is no place for any sort of discrimination in the world we live in today? yet, people still face systemic racism across various institutions including police brutality which led to the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter taking center stage this year.

Protests and demonstrations erupted worldwide calling for change. Communities came together to demand better from law enforcement and issue reforms concerning racial biases while notably making a point about us not representing colour or creed as symbols of our understanding of humanity. Social media was buzzing with conversation on overcoming these disparities throughout time.

The conversations around race weren’t new; they were only louder than before, indicating growing support to eliminate racism both here and worldwide.

Beating Political Madness

Oh dear-if only Paul Revere had warned amidst 2016’s election cycle what would ensue years after!

Between more scandals & investigations(who isn’t guilty these days?!), debate meltdowns (shout out to Chris Wallace), Twitter tirades (“covfefe” anyone?), voter suppression .. the list could go on – Politics consumed just about everything from news headlines to social feeds leaving a constant reminder that life gets messier by day in politics (sigh).

It may be tough #2020yearofmadness but one thing’s apparent-we’ll always head back into battle with our “I voted” stickers raised high!

What Next?

At first glance it seems like we’ve been hit really hard this year-droughts (cue crazy Cali fires), pandemic panic insurrections at US Capitol building… It’s fair enough if some choose not believe so swiftly whilst resuming normality though let’s keep hoping every situation gradually gets gotten under control.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings: asteroid sightings?a spontaneous nightmarish locust invasion maybe?

But whatever happens next, you can bet humans will find ways to persevere (it’s kind of our thing). Let us hope that challenges we met this year translate to the strength needed to conquer whatever comes next.

Because if there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that no matter how tough things get, humans are resilient AF.

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