This world is a kind of food for dog?

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They possess an incredible ability to bring joy and love into people’s lives with their loyal companionship, just like an appetizing meal does to one’s taste buds. Speaking of meals, have you ever wondered whether this world might actually be a kind of food for man’s best friend? While it may sound absurd at first glance or bark, there may actually be some truth behind the concept.

The Origins Of The Theory

The idea that our planet could serve as canine cuisine has been around for quite some time (since doggies learned how to beg, we imagine). It dates back to ancient times when many cultures viewed dogs as sacred animals that possessed mystical powers beyond human comprehension. People worshipped these furry four-legged friends and went so far as to believe that they had supernatural abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy.

In fact, the ancient Greeks even believed in “canine divination,” which involved observing a dog’s behavior or actions like eating habits or wagging tail movements before making important decisions. Allowing them access would allegedly ensure accurate results due to close association with gods (not sure if the latter part is true but who cares?).

Over time, humans began domesticating dogs in order to utilize their hunting skills and transform them into working animals on farms all across the globe (or simply put – slaves) . They were also bred for specific purposes such as herding sheep or guarding livestock. However, despite increasing numbers of stray canines globally today (which meant less domesticated ones), they remain highly valued by society due mainly spent $69-billions US dollars on pet care overall according American Pets Products Association). Interestingly enough though; several indigenous populations still view non-domesticated canids- wild wolves which roamed alongside their tribes since beginning -as almost equal beings too.

The Concept Of The World As Dog Food

The theory that our world may serve as food for dogs stems from the belief that we are all interconnected living creatures. Essentially, dogs see everything through their sense of smell and taste – literally consuming life around them each day (thus full disclosure- the term “waste” is probably quite offensive) (oh snap!).

This concept can be most clearly seen in their behavior toward objects found outdoors such as sticks or ahem feces; many owners find themselves saying ‘No!’ more than once when they watch fluffy get a little too excited about a new ‘snack’ discovered while out on their walks. Therefore, it’s not surprising to think that they might view humans within same context (minus any pesky fetishes of course).

Let Them Eat Our World!

Although this idea might sound preposterous to some pet owners (gasp! how could anyone doubt Fluffy’s infinite wisdom) , there are those who believe very strongly in its validity based on doggo dietery habits specifically scavengers such as stray populations which often survive thanks to whatever edible resources find) .

Consider the fact that dogs have been known to consume anything and everything within reach: everything from household plants to tin cans. Some people hypothesize that this attribute comes from an instinctual urge to seek out nutrients wherever possible since stomachs were built for robust wilderness diets.

In order for survival, wild pooches would eat whatever prey they could hunt down digestible. Similarly stray pups eventually resort dumpster diving with more sophistication where available).Of course chances of infected waste leads further problems but compared alternatives like starvation, must take what one can get/afford.

Humans fall under same umbrella due mainly because ALL beings essentially consume other forms of life in one way or another(I’ll spare you the whole plant rights debate) .Our existence relies heavily on ours ingestion of other living beings (yes, vermin included) since all life requires energy and nourishment just to go on. Dogs see humans as an intertwined part of that equation where we capture more complex prey thanks to our opposable thumbs-(nevermind the intelligence factor).

Therefore, when viewed from a canine perspective it’s entirely possible for them to see world around us like a giant buffet due mainly simply choices available especially in developed nations where food waste rampant.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, although the idea that this world is dog food might sound like something out of a science fiction novel or absurd conspiracy theory (I mean aliens exist before dogs making earthfood is silly right?) , there are valid reasons why some believe it could be true. From observing how dogs consume everything edible they come near outside to picturing their ancestral habits in wilderness; many would argue little separates humans from standard sources consumed both Wild & Feral pups.

While you may never view your dog while chowing down without thinking of its taste buds (cringe) I wouldn’t fret overmuch about ending up kibble anytime soon- after-all pets also have serve ‘higher’ purposes too whether alarm signals, hunters assistants or simple companionship but keep giving Fido rations wet/slapped together in case his fur ever drops its own seasoning flair :).

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