This Song Is About You: A Musical Ode to Your Awesomeness

Music has the ability to move us in ways that words cannot. It has the power to transport us to a different place and time, evoke emotions we didn’t know were possible, and make us feel like we’re not alone.

But what if there was a song that was specifically tailored for you? A musical ode to your awesomeness that captured all of your quirks and qualities in an uplifting way? That’s exactly what this article is about – a song that celebrates you!

Introduction: Everyone Deserves Their Own Theme Song

We’ve all had moments where we feel like life is against us. We get bogged down by deadlines, struggles, stressors; it can be hard to see anything positive around us. But imagine having a song solely dedicated to reminding you of how amazing you are – wouldn’t that just blow those negative vibes away?

Picture yourself walking down the street with headphones on, people watching as cars whiz past… when suddenly your personalized theme tune starts playing. Suddenly it feels like everyone is looking at YOU because they recognize how awesome you are from hearing your anthem.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! And believe me when I say this – you NEED this!

In 2021 (which let’s face it hasn’t been great so far), having a personal celebration seems even more necessary than ever before.

So without further ado…let’s create YOUR personalized playlist!

Creating Your Theme Tune Checklist:

First things first; here’s our ‘Creating Your Theme Tune’ Checklist:

  • Pick out some key characteristics or passions
  • Think about memorable experiences
  • List any funniness/quirky bits
  • Decide on beat/style preferences
  • Mind map potential ‘lyrics’ /word associations

Be honest now – have you ever daydreamed about what your life would be like if it was a movie? Have you ever wondered what your own heroic theme tune might sound like?

Now’s the time to make that dream a reality!

Key Characteristics or Passions

Let’s start by making a list of key characteristics or passions. Think about things that people admire you for, or qualities that set you apart from others.

  • Passionate traveler
  • Best cook on the block
  • Running enthusiast
  • Obsessed with history documentaries
  • A natural caretaker

Don’t hold back – this is YOUR song! Write down ANYTHING and everything so we can highlight what makes YOU special!

Memorable Experiences

Next up: memorable experiences. Is there anything in particular that has stood out to YOU which could also feature in your anthem? For example:

  • The adrenaline rush of bungee-jumping off Macau Tower?
  • That evening sunset overlooking Santorini island, Greece?
  • Receiving an award at work/school for something stellar you achieved?

Make a note of these bold moments, they could come in handy when creating lyrical content/interesting points of musical crescendo within the music.

Funniness & Quirks

Take some time to think about any funniness/quirkiness that sums up your unique sense of humour/personality:

  • Always smiling even when it rains
    (who knows, maybe incorporating literal rain sounds into your track would create comedic emphasis!)
  • Favourite joke: “Why do fish live in salt water?” … “Cause pepper water make them sneeze” 🤣.
  • Odd hobby: Crochet Critters

Incorporating silly elements here will add personality to the tone itself as well; letting loose and acknowledging quirks may inspire upbeat ‘fun’ tunes embedded throughout.

Beyond Words – Incorporating Tunes Reflective Of You

Your personal song wouldn’t be complete without some tunes reflecting your taste. Consider the following:

Decide on Your Beat/Style Preferences

What makes you dance like nobody’s watching? What genres do YOU love to play along when working out at home?

  • Cozy Coffeehouse ambiance
  • 90s RnB Hip Hop Playlist
  • Taylor Swift-esque inspirational bops
  • Opera classics

It can be jazz, rock-n-roll or a bit of Japanese Gagaku if that’s what floats your boat! Make sure that it fits YOU.

Chances are you already listen to music which resonates with how you see yourself in some way – this is a fantastic starting point!

Adding “Lyrics”

Now for the fun part – adding lyrics (or as close an imitation thereof). Imagine designing lyrical content completely inspired by everything picked out on our previous checklists!

Incorporating specific stories/humour from moments mentioned earlier would also create memorable hooks within your track making it unforgettable and uplifting each time played.

As an example here is mine…spoiler alert: I’m quite basic…

Verse 1:

I wake up every day,
Coffee in my mug.
Put on running shoes,
The morning’s mine to plug.

Verse 2:

Dreaming of Mexico beaches,
Sipping margaritas all night.
Romanticized many times over;
Tropical paradise set right…

And there we have it, just one verse but full of significant memories regarding myself; lazy mornings with coffee, bucket list goals involving travel – essentially perfect summarization!


We live in worrying times right now so why not spread positivity?. Creating something personal adds and spreads sunshine where people need it most; long queues, anxious routines, difficult decisions etc. And having ourselves reflected back at us will help remind everyone of their own uniqueness! If ever feeling down in the dumps, simply press play on that personalized theme tune to lift spirits – it’ll be like having a close personal friend cheering you up.

So what are you waiting for? Start compiling that playlist of YOUR dreams!

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