The Ultimate Guide: What Guys Want from Girls

Are you tired of not knowing what guys want from girls? Do you just find yourself confused and frustrated by the ambiguity of male priorities? Well, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to answer that age-old question. Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn (or wine), and let’s dive into the depths of the male psyche.

Looks Matter…But Not as Much as You Think

Contrary to popular belief, looks are not everything when it comes to attracting men. Sure, physical attractiveness is important in catching their attention initially but beyond that first impression lies a multitude of other factors. Here are some things that will keep him interested:

Personality Goes A Long Way

Cliché? Yes. True? Definitely.
Men appreciate women with unique personalities who can hold down conversations on topics both silly and serious – this makes for smooth sailing through dates.

Healthy Body = Happy Mind

While we say looks aren’t everything don’t let us lead you astray– having a healthy body shows dedication and commitment in taking care of oneself which can attract men way before any attention-grabbing dress or makeup job does.

Fashion But Make It Cute

You might be surprised to know most guys do like girls who love fashion & got style going for them BUTTTT there’s an important qualifier that comes along with this admiration — could your outfit choices potentially embarrass them around friends/ family?

Keep Up!

Now imagine watching someone trotting alongside Usain Bolt during one of his world record runs whilst wearing sandals – painful right?
Same thing goes for relationships; if your effort doesn’t match theirs kindly pack up those bags baby girl cause he ain’t coming back.

Communication Is Key (Honestly)

Communication is mandatory; honesty even more so.

Guys really dig transparency — spare nothing! Being authentic fosters trust between two people making it easier to navigate through any issues you may have as a couple.

Direct, But Not Too Direct

Being upfront is great but coming on too strong with no tact isn’t the goal; be truthful, raw and funny.
The best thing about guys is they most times appreciate someone who can tell it like it is without mincing words (it takes this advice to keep all things clear and comfortable between both parties).

Independence vs. Dependence: The Great Debate

There’s truly nothing like having perfect harmony of balance when it comes to independence & dependence:

Space Means Everything

Everyone needs their “me time”, but men are known for needing more of this “space” than women do so be gentle and remember that if he wants some alone time/crack open a cold one/play video games he needs his little corner away from your nagging mouth.

Avoid Being Clingy… Please!

We understand your crush sparks joy in our everyday life – maybe even causes butterflies inside you every now and then –

Clinginess? Big turn off.

Independence coupled with emotional intelligence would secure him coming back over again — Bonus points awarded here!

Let Your Real Feelings Show


While this may come across as basic advice deep down its relevance stems purely from making sure everything said/done feels authentic.

If feeling something speak up respectfully while meaning what was stated or putting your emotions out there truthfully helps build stronger relationships lacking deceitfulness.

In summation we’re dusty-beer-bottle sure knowing these simple tips could help get Mr.Right chasing after ya– However; always stay authentically true yourself doesn’t matter the end result.

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