The Ultimate Guide to the Best Look for Bald Guys

Are you bald and looking to upgrade your style game? Look no further! We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you become a stylish bald man. Gone are the days where a hairless head was considered unattractive. With these tips, we guarantee that your confidence as a balderdash will soar!

Understanding Your Head Shape

The first step of finding your best look as a bald guy is understanding your head shape. Just like any other part of our body, heads come in different shapes and sizes. Here are some ways to determine what category yours falls into:

Round Heads

If you have fuller cheeks and an equal distance between both temple points, then you most likely have a round head.

Oval Heads

Oval heads appear elongated but have smooth transitions from the forehead down towards the chin.

Square Heads

Square-headed folks typically possess angular jawlines with straight edges up towards their temples.

Heart-Shaped Heads

Heart-shaped people usually feature wide foreheads with pointy chins.

Once you know which one category best describes your head shape, it becomes easier to apply tricks that flatter it more.

Discover Your Facial Hair Style

Who said being bald has gotta be boring? One way of spicing things up is by experimenting with facial hairstyles! Trust us on this; people love a well-trimmed beard or moustache combination on their fellow male companions! Below are popular facial styles perfect for several face types;

Face Shape Ideal Beard
Round faces Circle Beard: Thin mustache combined with hair around chin
Squared Faces Anchor Beard: Goatee combining soul patch & trimmed sideburns
Oval Faces 100% clean-shaven
Diamond Faces Van Dyke: Moustached goatee style
Heart-shaped Goatee: Thin beard around the chin area only.

With some effort devoted to correctly shape your facial hair, you can totally transform a simple look into a rugged or suave appearance.


If you wear glasses, make sure they complement your head shape and not work against it.

Just keep in mind that there isn’t a particular “wrong” type of eyewear for bald heads. Finding the one that best matches with both your style and face structure is what matters most.

Round Head Shapes

Angular shapes like square or rectangular frames go well with such features as those edgy silhouettes help balance out rounded faces.

Heart-Shaped Heads

Seek rounder frame styles since these often soften sharp forehead angles while someone lacking hair on top diversify their physical features

Square Headed Folks

Go circular when picking spectacle frames; also ensure they neither compete nor clash with existing angular features;

Clothing Tips

As an all-out bald guy, it’s usually advisable to start exploring trendy pieces of clothing more than ever before! There are several benefits to this inclusive behavior:

  • It enhances the visual appeal of other parts of the body
  • You give off charming undertones effortlessly.
  • People associate stylish folks to social confidence which in turn translates towards positve impacts at large.

Tailored clothes

Well-fitted clothes go together perfectly with minimal looks — something represented by numerous fashionable icons across multiple industries over time. Ensure whatever ensemble worn fits naturally but also highlights flattering areas without obscuring others.


When trying on accessories during an outfit test run, consider adding at most two different types.Jewellery alone can be sufficient if combining various items within limits provides aesthetic satisfaction,eveything should sync up seamlessly into lovely piece.

There we have it: Six practical tips from our stylist experts emerge already! Remember — as long as you flaunt your cool, new look with confidence, you will most definitely stand out in a crowd of bald-headed men. All the best!

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