The Ultimate Google Sheets Cheat Sheet: Shortcuts to Streamline Your Work!

Are you tired of wasting hours inputting data on Google Sheets? Do you want to become a master of productivity and efficiency? Look no further than this ultimate cheat sheet filled with shortcuts guaranteed to streamline your work. From formatting cells to adding multiple tabs, we’ve got you covered. So grab your beverage of choice and let’s dive right in.

Navigation Shortcuts

Navigating through hundreds of rows and columns can be a daunting task, but fret not! With these simple shortcuts, moving around will seem like a breeze.

  • Ctrl+Home: Takes you back to cell A1
  • Ctrl+End: Takes you down or across (depending on where the last cell is) until the last row or column that has content.
  • Ctrl+Arrow Key: Moves one cell at a time in the direction indicated
  • Shift+Space: Highlights an entire row
  • Control + Space: Highlights an entire column

Formatting Cells

Formatting your spreadsheet professionally can save both time and confusion when sharing it with colleagues. These quick commands will have everything sorted out for you:

Font Size & Type

Stand out by making sure all headers are formatted correctly so that they catch people’s eyes easier – as if they needed any more encouragement!


=SUM(A1:A3 )

Tips Examples
For example: Bold /Bold/

Number Formats

Is currency getting tricky?





But wait! There’s more… Did someone say percentages?




20 %