The Mask We Wear: You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through.

We all wear masks. Not the Halloween kind, but the emotional kind. The ones we put on to hide what’s really going on inside. It’s a common saying – you never know what someone is going through. And it’s true! Life has its ups and downs, unexpected surprises and difficult moments, sometimes all at once.

But why do we pretend everything’s okay? Why don’t we share our struggles with others?

In this article, let’s uncover why people wear a mask when dealing with their issues as well as tips on how to remove such masks and connect to authenticity.

A Mask Hides What We’re Feeling

It is human nature to put up a front in society because we wouldn’t want anyone else asking us questions or criticizing us about facets of our life outside of work like debt or mental health challenges. On the other hand, even if an individual wants to have honest conversations about these challenging topics they often choose not to express their hardships due to fear; fear that their difficulties will scare away friends and family from them which can lead one towards depression.

Wearing a mask provides some level of comfort; pretending everything’s alright becomes habitual behavior for most folks–since living through day-to-day activities without having this armor feels vulnerable.

Tragically enough though the masks many people put upon themselves make them feel confined within those veils further exacerbating any underlying issues–one cannot carry burdens forever.

The Misconception That Vulnerability Equals Weakness

Human beings are inherently imperfect which means weaknesses can stem forth just as well based on adverse circumstances faced by individuals over time (Aristotle would be pleased). Sometimes revealing personal experiences may leave you feeling exposed and also generates insecurity among peers- creating the fundamental misconception vulnerability equals weakness.

This notion could not be more untrue! In fact, expressing your emotions to others takes immense strength, and the courage of sharing personal stories with a trusted companion can create better understanding between the two individuals bringing an end to those emotional battles.

The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Often when people share their hardships they face judgment by folks within our society. Speaking out about mental health is one issue many know not how to broach- creating yet another roadblock for genuine communication between individuals.

Despite available knowledge on this subject most people still believe that mental health issues are associated with the stigma of madness—they aren’t taken seriously by people who do not think much beyond their own subjective lives–making talking about it taboo! But let’s remember: If you were dealing with extreme emotional distress and feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness—you would want someone that will listen without any reprimands.

Three Simple Tips To Remove Your Mask & Connect With Others

Below are tips which lead us towards having fulfilling conversations as well as providing support from concealed masks:

1) Take Small Steps Toward Openness

Suppose a friend wants to open up to another individual about something weighing heavily upon them. Start low-key topics since beginning off into more complex topics right off bat could scare potentially interested listeners away. For instance rather than immediately discussing dark times full on start our conversations light such as asking how was work or what plans for weekend? Once these trivial questions have gone through smoothly-transition topic conversation regarding life challenges!

2) Find A Support Network Of People Willing To Listen

Finding this support network reduces the pressure you feel while removing that uncomfortable mask moving forward towards psychological peace. Reach out other medical professionals like psychologists specializing in depression/anxiety disorders; giving yourself much-needed outlet helps understand everyone struggles at some point – no shame there!

3) Remember That Vulnerability Is Not Weakness

Sharing aspects of ourselves normally hidden strengthen our relationships with others, helping connect one another on a more fulfilling level. Remembering that true bravery comes from acknowledging your weakness rather than trying to hide it behind complete masking.


We all wear masks and there is nothing wrong with creating some armor for ourselves in the beginning; but remember those masks can make us feel alone & further confine us making our burdens seem larger than life itself . With such simple tips we can tear down these self inflicted barriers to find peace within our emotional selves as well as healthy social interactions. Feel free to share this article with anyone you believe could benefit or even if you did and got something valuable, until then enjoy your day!

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