The Ideal Body Weight for a 7-Year-Old Kid

At present, most of the parents are having question about whether their kid is at the healthy height or not. However, your doctor or pediatrician might use the growth chart for monitoring your kid height and weight. As we know, each person is having different height and shapes. Normal weight might be based on your kid age, height and sex. Fortunately, the centers for Disease Control and Prevention might provide the reference chart to assess and monitor weight in children from age of 2 to 20 years. The average seven year old kid might weigh around 50lbs whether it’s a boy or girl. It is always best to use the BML as measurement of kid’s growth.

How to measure the seven year kid weight?

The average seven year old kid weight is calculated with average height of 4 feet but not each seven year old kid is going to be this height. If you are having seven year old kid who is shorter than the 4 feet then it is pretty normal to your kid to weigh less. Checking your kid weight is considered as checking their overall health. One of the best ways to calculate your kid ideal weight is to use BMI or body mass index. BMI is the tool which could be invented by Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Sometimes, it is also known as the Quetelet Index. Using this method is one of the best ways to measure normality of your kid weight. It helps to put person into the category based on the weight, age and height. This kind of the category includes overweight, normal weight, underweight and obese. BMI is widely used by the doctor to obtain the perfect idea of whether your kid is having overweight or not. Remember one thing; BMI is not a diagnostic test. Doing instant BMI check at your kid and grabbing overweight result might not diagnose with the disease. If you are looking to know about your kid weight then your health care provider might perform the further assessments.

Why weight is important for kids?

Based on the Center for Disease control and prevention, checking kid weight is necessary one because weight related issues might be dangerous and common. Obesity is the common problem for kids and it might affect more than 13 million kids in United States. Being underweight is also problem for your kid because it is hard on body to function without sufficient nourishment. Issues from being underweight might include

  • Lower immune system
  • Malnutrition
  • Anemia
  • Growth and development issues

Your kid must have balance between two like overweight and underweight. Suppose your kid is not having ideal weight then the best thing is to you might not blame or overact kid for their weight. You are advisable to talk to your health professional for eliminating possibilities of the illness or other issues. You must provide healthy food and if possible, you can eat meals with your kid because eating together might be proven to lesson chance of the eating disorder. Kid must required sufficient food to support the healthy development and growth. Majority of the childhood obesity might be caused by eating too much and exercising little.

There are tons of causes there for kid weight issues which include

  • Easy access to the high calorie and cheap junk food and fast food
  • Bigger food portions in restaurants and home
  • Kids consume huge amounts of the sugar in sweetened drinks
  • Many schools might eliminate their physical education programs

Remember one thing; health habit might start at home. One of the best and finest ways to prevent or fight childhood obesity is to grab whole family on the healthier track.

Tips to improve healthy kid weight

You are advisable to give some vegetable to your kids so they can stay active and try to limit their television time. As a mother, you must cook healthier in front of your kid. It is better to give job in kitchen based on their age. Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain healthy weight. You can serve and encourage consumption of huge varieties of vegetables and fruits which includes orange, tomato, potatoes, banana, broccoli and lettuce. Children who might eat breakfast are less to be obese or overweight rather than kid who is skipping first meal of the day. It is always necessary to focus on the healthy choices like fresh fruit, oatmeal, and whole grain cereal. As we know, sugar is hidden in the specific foods like canned soups, bread, instant mashed potatoes, ketchup and fast food. If you are planning to eat out then you are advisable to avoid the fast food. The majority of the kid might like routine so try to schedule the regular meal time so they might not be carving for foods.