The Burden of Expectations: Women and Society

Growing up, they told me I could be anything I wanted to be. But then I became a woman and realized that it came with strings attached. Strings in the form of expectations. Societal expectations that can feel like an emotionally exhausting burden for women to bear on their own but are nevertheless thrust upon them from all directions.

Whether it’s the pressure to have children before your biological clock runs out or being judged for not meeting beauty standards, women battle societal burdens daily. Moreover, women often face these challenges alone since men don’t always understand what female friends might go through.

In this article, we expose how societal expectations affect females throughout their lives in different contexts – religion, work-life balance or even clothing attire!


  • Playing Dress-up
    As a little girl dressed up in mom’s clothes…my siblings and parents laughing at my innocence was acceptable back then. It later dawned on me as an adult how childhood games can shape gender roles consequentially leading to sexist beliefs just because dolls belong to girls.

  • Gender-Specific Toys
    Toys should inspire imagination; however certain toys marketed explicitly towards males/females brainwash developing minds into accepting stereotypes instead of exploring independence.

Religion & Cultural Standards

Before implementing unconsented dress codes under the guise of religious appearance regulations {especially} equity vouching communities must prioritize individual autonomy over group cohesion by emphasizing commonality through diversity.

Moreover hijabs, burkas et cetera do not diminish/undermine intelligence/opportunities provided than otherwise which is why organizations should create opportunities without discrimination based on appearances.

Body-Shaming Culture & Beauty Stereotypes

Through controversial advertising campaigns where a model is portrayed exaggerating physical features (i.e pizza girl) fitness industries propagate body-shaming culture inflicting negative self-image sentiments affecting young women disproportionately causing long-term destructive health complications such as anorexia, bulimia or self-esteem issues.

  • Social Media’s Double Edge Sword
    While social media provides a platform for women to voice their opinion and impose positivity, it’s often used by others to discredit women’s achievements and attempting to shame them into submission of societal stereotypes.

Life Milestones

A woman’s life is defined by a set of milestones – some expected while others are not so much. One way or another the burden of societal expectations places undue physical & psychological pressure on these female demographics.


Through examples where family/relatives force daughters into arranged marriages without their consent has brought out several human rights violations discriminating against the victim in question due to gender resulting in lower income opportunities/ba traumatic experience that lead towards various mental health disorders (i.e PTSD).


The numerous responsibilities encompassing parenthood from breastfeeding children when unable work-expensive childcare costs along with ingrained values regarding motherhood add-up making it hard for working-mothers unsure about what they want prioritized baby-related expenses over fulfilling personal aspirations leading towards building unnecessary walls limiting mothers’ potential knowhow which improves society overall.

Career Choices

Choosing a career apart from public derived norms can be liberating but quite hard as well especially if non-conventional jobs like pilots/CEO positions require long hours being competitive taking its toll on professional/personal development moreover only few opportunities exist towards pursuing education needed such professions stifle progress again owing back to gender discrimination fueled over time!

  • Unfair Pay Disparities
    Accordingly, research shows how one reason perpetuating inequalities is biased interviewing/hiring process favoring men over women based solely off inherent internal biases preventing latter demographic {women}from choosing high paying lucrative demanding careers upon graduating compared counterparts of similar educational backgrounds male; furthermore data displays females earn lesser income whether starting out after graduation during job transitions or promotions even tho consistently performing better than counterparts.


In conclusion, societal expectations often weigh heavily on women – starting from childhood games that shape gender roles up to their careers and parenthood. Women deserve the opportunity to define their own lives without judgment placed upon them by society’s predefined standards of what is acceptable or not dignified for a woman.

By acknowledging these disparities and working towards dismantling toxic attitudes’ belief sets better life opportunities and growth can flourish irrespective of gender. We must strive towards creating equitable environments where females aren’t limited rather uplifted providing an equal platform encouraging personal/professional development empowering girls too envision brighter futures than present affirming individual autonomy over mere complying with group norms once again reaffirming agency over one’s destiny – after all only then can we expect real change!

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