The area between the lungs is called the?

When it comes to human anatomy, there are a lot of confusing and complex terms. However, few people can deny that some of these terms can be quite amusing. One such term is “mediastinum,” which refers to the area in the chest between the lungs. This article will explore this unusual anatomical feature and what makes it so unique.

Let’s get started with some Basics

The mediastinum lies within our thoracic cavity or our chest region, where you’ll find your heart and lungs resting peacefully like roommates who barely know each other but share an apartment anyway. Now you might wonder how exactly did we arrive here from discussing lung spaces! So let me take you back one step for understanding.

The chest (thorax) provides perfect protection for vital organs because its bone structure prevents unnecessary movements of those organs when being bumped into or shocked against something hard-oops I went ahead here; let’s discuss that later below.


There exists a space within our thorax known as the Mediastinum, surrounded by pleura tissue on both sides- now don’t ask me what pleura tissues are, would save us time looking up definitions- containing all important blood vessels except pulmonary ones since they’re already running inside air-filled bronchial tubes!

And trust me—it’s not just smart-sounding medical jargon, but also manages many essential functions!

All About Functions: What Does It Do?

Ok! Here’s why Medistianium & its constituents matter!!

Situations When You Can Acknowledge Its Importance:

1. Bleeding things Required

In case someone experiences serious bleeding after penetrating trauma to their body—for instance, getting stabbed—an immediate response is crucial to stabilize them with IV fluids to prevent shock caused by sudden loss of blood volume due to missed bleeding points in vital organs.

2. Cardiac Stuff

The area encompasses the heart and those responsible for its functioning, such as nerves and arteries-the ones that deliver nourishment to our cells, contributing to overall body efficiency.

So if any nervous or electric part of your cardiac muscle gets interrupted due to trauma or an underlying disease condition like Heart Attack/myocardial infarction/Group Of People Scaring You/Jump Scares from horror movies – then this is where the mediastinum comes into play!

Surgical Interventions

As I mentioned earlier, things tend not to move much in here because of surrounding bones—the sternum anteriorly (chest bone), and spinal column posteriorly(vertebrates). For this reason, it serves as a great location for conducting important surgical procedures with less risk involved.

For instance:

  • Biopsies
  • Minimally invasive Surgeries like typical VATS surgeries by lung doctors Viz; Wedge Resection/Lobectomy/ Mediastinal mass removal etc.
  • In some cases though Pericardiocentesis also counts—if enlarged liquid-filled sac around the heart called Pericardium causes breathing difficulties

And trust me!!! Things sound complicated on paper only!! Rest assured there are professionals trained specially – thoracic surgeons & interventional radiologists who happily perform these procedures with utmost precision! 😎

Sounds Good So Far? Let’s Check Some Fun Facts About It Then:

  1. Do you know how much Mediastinum weighs?

A big Quesstion mark right$$$
We’re talking about approximately 16 ounces or one pound – so yes! We all carry something valuable inside us at no extra cost!

  1. No Fluid-like Stuff Here Apart From That ‘Very Specific’ Liquid…Guess What??

Well! Simply put-blood!
Yeah…There aren’t any air-air segments-connecting lung pieces that could’ve been the reason behind fluid storage.

Thus, blood is the principal liquid element meant to flow through arteries and veins in this area of our anatomy!

  1. Not Just Organs But Also Glands!!

Yes! You heard it right!
The mediastinum houses an organ known as thymus gland responsible for boosting your immune system; adding more to its list of Significant Roles played by Itself!

  1. Involved In Certain Malignancies:

Additionally, besides being a target site for several serious medical conditions – some reported malignancies like Lymphomas/Thymic Carcinoma etc., specifically arise in the structures present within.

A Complicated Medical World but None The Less Fascinating One

Exploring Mediastinum probably feels like finding another planet inside ourselves, right?

This review aimed to equip us with some basic details on how crucial this chestpart is to our health functioning normally.

Surprisingly enough- many may still be unaware that there’s much more beyond their nourishing meals and occasional exercising routines supporting them day after day until…guess what? Yes!! These internalized resources are maintained well enough even without realizing!!!

So let’s acknowledge Mediastadium—and all those working hard ‘inside’—as another unsung hero —And appreciate their contributions towards optimal human functioning—I Mean seriously, y’all need little credit too😜

And Off you go now- Woke & Learned!!
Have fun doing that-depending if Fun was what you landed up reading till the end!