That Is Crossword – The Ultimate Brain Teaser

Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds? Do you crave something more stimulating for your brain? Look no further, my friends! Introducing the ultimate brain teaser – That Is Crossword.

What is That Is Crossword?

That Is Crossword is a word puzzle that requires the solver to fill in white squares with letters to form words or phrases. These words intersect with each other at specific points resulting in a grid of interconnected answers.


The very first crossword puzzle was published on December 21st, 1913, by Arthur Wynne. It appeared in the Sunday edition of The New York World newspaper and quickly gained popularity among readers. Since then, puzzles have evolved into various forms such as cryptic crosswords, acrostics, and themed grids. However, one thing that remains constant – there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a crossword puzzle.

Types of Clues

Crossword clues can be broadly categorized into two types- straight definition clues and cryptic clues. Straight definition clues are straightforward descriptions that either pertain to general knowledge or involve idioms/slang references commonly used in daily language.?Cryptic clues create an impressionistic description whose answer must be inferred from it based on radical associative thinking using indicators inherent within the clue itself.

So yes geniuses; There are almost always puns hidden inside these witty cryptic questions!

Here’s one as an example: What do we call insects’ awareness organization?

Uhmmm… Do you require RSPB membership information about bugs!? Of course not! Honeybees simply BEE-AWARE (Be aware -> Beeware)

But don’t worry if this seems daunting initially – most newspapers offer beginners level crosswords too.


Aside from improving vocabulary skills; research studies suggest solving crossword puzzles may enhance cognitive health by reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, completing challenging puzzles can provide a sense of accomplishment and happiness. There’s no doubt that participating in crossword competition could bring about new friendships over discussions or debates.

So why just keep squabbling like an office rivalry when you can get to know your coworker Carole over her favourite puzzling pastime?

Getting Started

Don’t be afraid if this is the first time you’re giving crossword solving a go! All it takes is a little patience, practice, and some helpful tips which we’ve got for you below:

  • Don’t give up on blanks right from the start – Yes those dreaded blanks are what makes it seem impossible at-first-glance but they serve as puzzle-solving direction indicators.
  • Start with easy clues – solvers may be tempted to jump around different areas & priorities while puzzling out answers but starting with simpler questions increases confidence levels – Practice any unfinished ones later
  • Use context: For instance, Ques: “Dodgy Gene”(3) ; Clue : If DNA causes cancer(?)
    There are only few words that might come instantly to mind here:
    BAD,-WONKY or maybe DUPED?
    All ultimately wrong answers; the actual answer was SHRUNKEN COD!
    That seems convoluted, doesn’t it? Well… as cryptics really should be!

Still stumped sometimes? Anagrind!! That Is Crossword players will agree that spotting potential homophones are possible game changers so adopting their technique pays off..occasionally

Now where were we?

The possibilities with crosswords are endless once you’re comfortable cracking them! They force us into thinking outside parameters; processes in wordplay take several permutations across languages including idioms (primarily American/British English); commonly used referential phrases underlines all our collective experiences.


After honing your skills, entering a crossword competition is an exciting way to test yourself against other puzzle fanatics. British papers have competitions several times a year, with financial rewards worth thousands of pounds! These contests cover levels ranging from beginner to expert so that no one feels left out.

If you’re inclined, there’s more waiting it seems – worldwide championship events will bring together the biggest brains and talents in puzzling like something straight out of National Geographic; maybe only slightly less intense than cage diving risking your physical health!


Crosswords don’t just exercise our minds but provide entertainment without a screen; doesn’t that feel nostalgic in itself? ? Plus challenge enthusiasts agree – isn’t there a certain charm while completing them by pen & paper?

So go ahead and give That Is Crossword – The Ultimate Brain Teaser- try today. You might discover talent which was laying dormant inside you all along!? Happy Wordplay.. not Work Play (couldn’t resist the pun).

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