Texting Your Crush: How to Confess You Like Them

Are you tired of sitting around, staring at your phone, waiting for a message from that special someone? Well, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and confess your feelings! Texting can be a nerve-wracking process, especially when it comes to revealing our deepest emotions. But fear not, dear reader, for with these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to finally getting that heart-eye emoji from the apple of your eye.

The Dos and Don’ts of Confessing Over Text

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of crafting the perfect confession text message (yes, it’s a thing), let’s first review some general dos and don’ts.


  • Be honest
  • Be respectful
  • Use proper grammar and spelling
  • Keep it short & sweet (no one wants an essay)
  • Prepare for any possible response (brace yourself)


  • Send multiple texts without receiving a response
  • Manipulate or guilt trip them
  • Example: “If you don’t like me back I’m just going to crawl under a rock forever”
  • Bahaha, absolutely not!

Now that we’ve got those basics covered, let’s dive into the art of crafting THE confession text.

Crafting ‘THE’ Message

The most important thing is being honest about how you feel. It might seem tempting to beat around the bush or play hard-to-get but in this case vulnerability wins every time. However; there are ways of doing so tactfully…and hilariously 😉

Here are some DOs when creating THE text:

Begin With A Compliment Or Recognition

It always helps if they think fondly about their exchange with you before fully presenting them with impact {Drop mic here}

You could say something along these lines:

  • Wow, last night really made me realize how natural it is to communicate with you. I’d like to take this a step further.
  • Spending time together laughing and having fun has made my day these past few weeks! However there’s one thing that would just make things even better?

Don’t forget the smiley faces: 😊🤗😉‼️

Be Direct

You don’t want them guessing what in tarnation you’re talking about.

Some examples:

  • All who wander aren’t lost & quite frankly, every message we exchange just shows me that more and more. 😁
  • Hey question: when did you become so adorable?

Add Flair!

Here’s your chance…you’ve reeled them in with sweet words; now it’s time for some humor or quirkiness Basha Boo (aka JAZZ hands!!!)

No harm bore from trying a little tenderness 😉

Example: Sugar-n-Spice …and everything nice – those are definitely not the ingredients of my love confession.

Ain’t nobody got no business being boring…

Give Them An Out

It’s important they know their decisions/heart are always valid and respected.

Put yourself second at times…


  • If by chance what I’m asking isn’t something you feel the same way about, please tell me 🙈
  • It never feels good putting someone on the spot but had to share how much I appreciate our conversations lately❤️. Letting today be an open-ended curiosity-filled type of day 🥰

When To Press Send

Although there may seem like certain window periods but let us dispel any notions willy nilly right now because sometimes timing conflicts are out of our control i.e emergencies.#IMERRRRITTTEE

That said – send your message when YOU’RE READY!

Here are some aspects to consider as a guide:

The Timing Itself

Don’t send them an hour before their presentation or in the middle of watching “they might have had their dog die on this same day last year” sound like common sense yet let’s call it here and now {Funeral Dirge Music}

Specific Dates

Why not take advantage of holidays? NO! Not any old holiday- unless you want your significant other saying nooooo to that holiday birthday since they won’t know when you’re serious (sheesh) 😂😂

But in seriousness, make different days relevant for yourself- whether it be first date anniversary or just because – They will definitely get a laugh from wanting so much regard/effort placed on your shared memories ❤️❤️

Responding To The Response: How To React When They Say Yes, No Or Ghost You

The toughest part may very well be receiving whatever response comes next. As prepared as we can attempt to be doesn’t mean aren’t those moments where our minds go blank during the process.

You got this though; Here are steps 🎉🎉🎉

Note: if no message back return then move onto somone who values efforf relattionship ;p {joking Maybe not JK)

If they say YES:

Yasssss sis/brother!!! Work that confidence…not overly so but just enough 😉 While excited internally, externally there’s still one important step:
Respond with respect and graciousness.


-Wow thank YOU for opening up about how you feel I’m honored ✨✨
-Couldn’t ask for more than an opportunity with someone like you


Don’t brag about telling your friends right away even though a toast seems appropriate cannot forget story time later 💯💯

Be open and straightforward; this is where the fun begins!


“Going to let you know now, was going to continue dragging my feet but seeing as things could be further than are right now definitely looking forward to being more intentional with I am w/ someone like you.” 💖💖

If They Say No:

Truth time- it’s a hard pill to swallow. However if you’re kind and graceful in those few moments above, slowly everything will fall back into their places.

Be mature enough in understanding rejections are not evasions sometimes timing conflict or different priorities make copacetic romantic affairs unlikely between two people. That’s ok 😉


-Tough news , sure we all have been there at one point yet still appreciate your candor
-Can’t fault anyone for how they feel about certain topics…even though disappointed still feeling lucky that we had some good times working together

If You Get Ghosted:

Not logical when writing sooo might take an extra beat…the truth hurts BUT life operates on weird ways; maybe it meant something else better came along? ((Hugs))

Here’s what NOT TO DO!

-Multiple melodramatic attempt responses
-Confronting them aggressively

to be honest: It isn’t just another person “not returning text”, in these technical daily engagements of today’s weather check-ins and lunch break musings mean more because intentionality has already increased.

However put yourself firsts…

It time babe/guy friend – keep moving forward!

That’s pretty much our guide on how best YOU can confess without running away or getting too overwhelmed by fear {Sigh}

Just remember — always stay true to who you are and never apologize for your feelings❤️. We hope our humorous approach lightened up some nerves during this process😊

Happy texting everyone!!!

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