Tenolysis surgery cost?

Are you that guy googling the average cost of tenolysis surgery? Or are you a girl with tendons screaming for help?

Regardless of who you are, we got your back. In this article, we will tell you what tenolysis is and how much it costs.

But beware! It’s not as simple as giving one single number. There are many factors to consider…

What Is Tenolysis Surgery?

Before delving into the price tag, let’s make sure everyone knows what tenolysis entails.

In essence, a surgeon performs this operation when some tendon or scar tissue has grown around another structure – say bone or joint – leading to immobilization or pain.

The goal then becomes freeing up that scarring by cutting through it while leaving the other structures intact. Sounds easy enough right? Not!

As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved including:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Failure of stitches

The good news is these occur in only 1% of cases according to statistics from Cleveland Clinic.

Now that we cleared things up on what exactly goes on during a tenolosis surgery let us chat about how much money might be needed for such intervention

How Much Does Tenolysis Cost?

If anything shared above caught ya’ interest just remember that knee-jerk reaction at first glance will get no answers out here pardner’.

That’s why I have taken time building an infallible guide below… but even after digesting this information; bear in mind: thumbtacks hurt like nobody’s business (whatever does ring in my head?!)

A Quick Note About Prices & Variability

First thing all sensible buyers know very well:
Deals come & deals go.
So before reviewing prices quoted herein do note that they can vary significantly depending upon:

  • Area
  • Hospital/clinic/facility pricing policies
  • The surgeon performing the operation

Great aside fact: When it comes to Tenolysis approximately 80% of facilities maintain prices over $10,000.

With that in mind… here are some average cost numbers:

Average Cost Of Tenolysis Surgery In Different Body Parts

  1. Hand & Wrist – $11,000
  2. Arm (elbow) – begins at $14,000
  3. Shoulder – starting from $12,500

Yeppers! You got it right…these big bad boys aren’t cheap.
But let’s pretend we landed on a deal…what happens next??

How To Pay For Tenolysis?

Asking about this means you’re finally getting smarter and trying not to be broke after dealing with those excruciating pains!

Now then..if tens of thousands isn’t currently lying around in your nest egg account waiting for one revolutionary question asking month when you ask for a raise….then how can new age medical advances be put into use…

Below is an overview on paying options as well as financial support options:

Payment Options

Payment Plans: Of course hospitals want your business so many often offer payments plans which allow patients’ bill to be broken down into smaller installments over time.

cDr Credit Card: Some large institutions have created specific credit cards intended solely for their services such that there would potentially either fewer fees tacked on or extended interest-free periods under special promotions only available through these cards.

Financial Support Options

-Job Loss:
Unfortunately finding yourself couch-bound kindred spirit may come every now-and again; leaving people unable work.
If this pertains applies to current situation.. no worries_ resources exist providing assistance with hospital bills due job losses so take hope!

-Manifesting Coverage Through Insurance Provider Or HR Partner:

This is the obvious choice that springs to mind but it needs emphasis as many forget important obligations which could have saved money spent on exorbitant bills.

Medicare & Medicaid, COBRA are helpful insurance policies that can help with medical expenses. Check any of them out instantly coz those good medical providers know their value and people truly feel the loss without them.

Is Tenolysis Surgery Covered By Insurance?

This brings up another supportive question:
What will my insurance cover?

The simple response is dependent upon significant factors including:

  • Provider networking restrictions
  • Contract terms between surgery facility/hosptial and health plan
  • The policy itself

That said… While not guaranteed before all this patient/insurer rigmarole goes down; be sure to check your relevant coverage plan document for possible offers.


Although spending thousands may appear quite steep initially,…recall what’s gained from such actions: better mobility, reducing pain, potentially preventing lifelong damage from scar formation,…

It’s difficult to set an exact price but most charges for tenolysis tend to stay above $10K depending on body part & requirements of indiviuals…so before stepping on the bed where operations will proceed just stay within guidelines provided herein whilst doing own background research too so you can get better control over options regardless the road chosen by patients..