Syphilis in elderly?

Ah, syphilis. The sexually transmitted infection that time forgot. But not anymore! In recent years, cases of this ancient disease have been on the rise among seniors. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of syphilis in elderly folks, from symptoms to treatment options. So strap yourselves in for a wild ride (and maybe wear some protection).

What Is Syphilis?

For those unfamiliar with venerial disease history, syphilis is a bacterial infection caused by Treponema pallidum, which can be spread through sexual contact or from mother to child during pregnancy.

Symptoms of syphilis come in waves and stages over the course of several years if it goes untreated (Yikes!) Symptoms may include painless sores or rash at the site of exposure (often genitals), but also flu-like systems such as fever and fatigue.

If left untreated still further–because nothing is said than cured ‘after all’ — it could damage organs like brain, heart and cause partial paralysis causing incapacitation / disablement often irreversible for seniors living alone.

Why Is Syphilis More Prevalent Among Old Timers Than Ever Before?

Excellent question there buddy, there are many factors that contribute to the spike in STD rates among older adults.

First off,risky behaviour knows no age limit; neither should protection practices. Older folks might feel they don’t need contraception because their fertility window has already shut tight . But let me tell ya- shtty side effects happen even outside procreation realm. Older adults also are more likely to be divorced or widowed & less knowledgeable about safe sex measures–you know what they say ”abstinence makes anything harder’.

Just as important than lack ‘getting caught out’ in romps, older adults who are on medications like Viagra or Cialis might have a false sense of security about protection practices. They should remember that these drugs only treat Erectile dysfunction! (Ps– wear condoms).

Lastly its good to stay caught up with std-checkups: healthcare providers rarely take routine STD screenings into account as people age.

Detection and Diagnosis

It’s essential for elderly folks to know if they have syphilis ASAP so it can be treated effectively. It is easy enough for doctor’s labs to detect the antibodies produced by the body against the infection.

Elderly patients should undergo regular serologic testing because delayed diagnosis due symptoms overlapping multiple underlying conditions more commonly seen among seniors anyway.

Even after successful treatment just has had cancerous cells cannot hope to survive chemotherapy treatments… Follow-up blood tests necessary every few months even AFTER treatment is completed to verify apt antibody count decline and inquire again on their recent sexual activity.

Treatment Options

Alrighty then, so what exactly constitutes ”successful” treatment? Syphilis can be cured at any stage, but once damage done organically cant restore old vitality or undo neurological changes . In other words, catch this bad boy early!

For initial cases of primary or secondary (early) stages, an antibiotic injection “penicillin G benzathine” delivers effective results within days –treatment continues over Next several weeks—all while re-stests taken along way-mind you- until cleared completely .

Late-stage syphilis requires longer antibiotic series although ultimate cure may not mean complete reversal of nerve problems stemming from untreated disease progression in the first place…

Remember folks; The odds tend ever in our favour given we keep sex healthy throughout life-span !

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