Surviving Solo: Life as a Lonely Single Mom

Being a single mom is hard. Being a lonely single mom is even harder. However, you don’t have to be Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman to survive this tumultuous journey. With the right tools and support, you can handle everything that life throws at you.

The When and Why of Being a Sole Parent

Parenting Stories

Asides from planned pregnancies where the father is no longer in the picture for whatever reason (death, etc.), many women become sole parents due to unforeseen circumstances such as divorce or separation.

The emotional burden can feel unbearable at times. If this distinguishes your story thus far and know that it’s okay if you’ve been feeling like crap lately: transitioning from co-parenting duties with another person requires some restructuring of daily routines that frequently include childcare or housekeeping tasks.

Here are strategies on how to brave these uncertain waters:

Reprioritize Your To-Do List

Aim to strike off smaller items first because they give an instant sense of accomplishment and tame feelings like boredomesstime wasting stress while also reducing fatigue levels more churning out productivity help attain mental clarity.

Task Avoid
Doing Your Own Laundry Go Shopping when bored instead 
Making Breakfast ScrollSocial Media aimlessly  (delete them apps) 
Tidying Up Bedrooms Sleeping During The Day 

Embrace Community And Outsiders’ Help

Nothing lasts forever but leaning onto external social structure should lessen “head falls off” behavioral atmosphere. 

Finding Childcare Support Services

Look in Groupchats Facebook groups local goverment websites hotline directories daycare providers who offer sliding fee scale policies depending on family income level status community centers faith-based organization news articles online forums which discuss raising children as solo parent families all without making system crash.


they say it takes a village; this isn’t just about childcare, seek support groups online for your emotional wellbeing and tackle those home improvement projects as a family team activity even.

Prioritize Your Own Vitality

It’s important to remember that you need to take care of yourself before anyone else can be taken care of successfully.

SelfCare 101

  • Bubble Baths
  • Reading For Leisure ( podcast listening & playing instruments services)-
  • Yoga
  • Volunteering

Effective Parenting Tips That Work

One challenge solo moms face is navigating how to raise children on their own while maintaining healthy parent and child relationships. Here are useful suggestions:

Implement Rules And Chores Early On

Define discipline measures with clear guidelines give new meaning respecting participating holding accountable one another honest behavior reinforced worth modeling systems rest (provide examples). Offer choices in line with their respective age 

Simple—yet Mandatory—Household Tasks

Age Group      Chore
Toddlers Pick Up Toys&sbook;
Put Their Utensils In The Sink
Clothing Items Back In Their Drawers
Elementary School-Age Kids Cleaning Room Monthly
Taking Trash Out
Maintaining Garden

Keep Communication Channels Open At All Times

Your kids want what they’re saying heard so ears open minds unblocked always by making the time<text><text><text>

Finances – Breaking the Bank as A Solo Parent

As a sole provider, finances can look daunting at times let alone bearable there’s various ways you can ensure financial safety throughout these transformative years.

Here are sustainable strategies&tell;

Create Realistic Budgets

Ensure finances are allocated to cover basic necessities rent/mortgage payments utility bills groceries internet service mobility costs petrol monthly subscription services etc. Budgeting provides peace of minds that one’s financial future secure.

Monthly Expense    Cost
Rent/Mortgage Payment £2000-3000
Groceries (Month) £500-750
Internet Service £40/month

Supplemental Assistance At Your Disposal

There exists over several organizations catering towards single-parent families provide housing assistance programs financial aid FAFSA grants student scholarships meals nutrition-support schemes low-cost healthcare extended childcare and support groups for emotional wellness among others which far too many people unaware go window-shopping research sift through comprehensive opportunities available til connecting resources suitable needs is safer course action sure.&tell;

Coping With Loneliness

Although being a parent requires some sacrifice and sometimes, the feeling becomes overwhelming when there is no familiar shoulder or voice in your life to hang onto.

But wait!

Here are strategies to fight off loneliness:

  1. Date yourself
  2. Join meetup sessions aligned with personal passions interests
  3. Volunteer&amp;lsquo;sometimes helping strangers can lead/a>to building long-lasting relationships.
  4. Online communities -these especially have gained traction with respect on social media platforms like Reddit specifically curating subreddits solely for women solo-parent conversations.</li>
    5.Take up new hobby/learn skillset


Remember, you’re not alone when it comes down parenting as a solo mom; everyone experiences ups downs times could feel entirely isolative but this begs reflection upon motivational reasoning persists at forefront journey never should impossible handle day time superpower assigned performing act superheroism though superhero don’t feel bad if sometimes things out-of-control happen even reach fellow solo moms near dear you who also heard this say,”it takes a village to raise child&tell.

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