Summarize how a baby typically grows in the first year?

If you’ve been around babies before, then you know that they grow so fast. One moment they’re small enough to fit in your arms and the next they’re trying to crawl away from you at lightning speed. But have you ever wondered what are some of the most important milestones during their first year? Well, look no further because this article is all about summarizing how a baby typically grows in the first year (Get ready for some mind-blowing facts!).

Month 1 – Oh, How Tiny!

After spending nine months inside their mother’s womb, babies finally make their grand entrance into the world (cue: gasps and tears of joy). At this stage, they weigh between 5-8 pounds on average and are usually between 18-21 inches long (that’s like the size of my TV remote control). During month one:

  • They can lift their head briefly when lying on their stomach.
  • They sleep around 16 hours a day (which leaves them very little time for Netflix)
  • They love gazing into your eyes.

Month 2 – Babies…they gotta eat!

By now, most babies start doubling their weight! Gosh! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Some other things happening during month two include:

  • Trying out tummy time confidently
    • We jokingly call it “plank training”
  • Smiling or cooing back at caregivers where possible but mostly just crying
    • Still haven’t learned how to carry an engaging conversation though
  • Starting to display hand-eye coordination

The Three Months Mark – Here come Some Developments

At three months old (I bet by now our cuties would be more than double what we held during month one) many developments take place which include:

  • Habitual sleeping schedule development (it’s still not long enough though)
  • Drooling and drool rash becomes apparent (get ready for lots of clean up!)
  • Around 75% of infants learn to roll-over
    • You can say bye-bye to that activity mat!

At ☤ months, your little one would have started gaining some level of expressive language. Although babies this age cannot use sentences or understand commands like “nap-time,” they make progress in communicating with their caregiver through cooing, gurgling, vowel sounds etc.

Time Flies – Blink And It’s Already Six Months

Would you believe it? By the time our bundle is six months old (Hey! My TV remote control has been gone forever by now) he/she would have become quite a pro at:

  • Rolling over both ways (and probably stealing your spot on the bed as well)
    • Trust me; there’s no stopping them anymore!
  • Sitting without support for brief moments.
    • Get ready to take adorable pictures!
  • Developing emotional attachments (we all need love afterall)

Also by this half-year mark many babies can copy actions such as clapping hands when allowed and demonstrate improved manual dexterity.

The Last Lap – That Special Day At One Year

Finally! Congratulations mommy & daddy for saying goodbye to those sleepless nights…not really 😂😅 but we’re getting close!!! Here are some final things parents can expect during the last lap:

By twelve months most babies will be walking while others stand with minimal support. From her first steps up until crawling she will likely stumble often causing frustrations sometimes but keep cheering her on.

Other notable developments include:

  • First words uttered with much enthusiasm even if undistinguishable
    • An enchanting moment every parent looks forward to
  • Fine motor skills development improved
    • They start using fingers more purposefully from holding things up properly.

As mentioned earlier, it’s amazing how quickly babies grow, isn’t it? In just one year they turn from a fragile being who can’t hold its head up to an energetic adventurer discovering the world around them. Each baby is unique and will develop at their pace though so don’t worry if he/she doesn’t quite reach some of these milestones as at when expected or documented. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that your baby is happy and healthy (otherwise no more ‘me time’ for mommy or daddy!).

Final Thoughts

Hopefully with this article parents-to-be would have had somewhat of an idea on what to expect within each month during their precious little being’s first twelve months.

We hope you enjoyed reading our summarized version because we definitely had fun writing this while learning more ourselves 😄!

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