Subtle Signals: Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You

Do you have an introverted crush whom you think is too shy to approach? Are they sending mixed signals, making it difficult for you to decipher their feelings? As a fellow introvert, let me tell you that we are not great at expressing ourselves verbally. We often rely on subtle cues and body language to convey our emotions. Here are some signs that your introverted love interest might be trying to tell you something:

Eye contact

Have you noticed them stealing glances at you when they think you are not looking? This could be a clear indication that they fancy the pants off of you! Introverts prefer eye contact over small talk as it allows us to connect with someone without feeling overwhelmed by conversation.


Has your crush ever turned beetroot red while talking to you or around other people who mention your name? If so, this is definitely a sign that they like/ adore/ worship the groundyou walk on!

Listening attentively

When two people communicate (verbally or non-verbally), in person, one of them usually ends up doing more listening than talking. So if your introverted crush has been all ears whenever conversing with (and might I add enjoying)of,only goes out of his/her way just for YOU!!!

Pros Cons
Lots of attention Possible shyness
“Reserved” Person Missed Opportunities

Body language

Introverts tend to express themselves through their bodies rather than words. Observe how comfortable they seem around cameras and videos; do they fidget awkwardly or look away from the camera?

  • How close he/she sits
  • Does he/she find ways touch bases like head nods?

If yes, then there’s a fairly good chance he/she likes spending time with only – guess who?- you!


It’s not that we introverts can’t or don’t like talking to people- If anything, texting is probably the best way for us to communicate. We get time to think about what we want say and how; it also provides an opportunity for us to reply at our own pace.

You’ll notice they’re into you if:

  • They text more frequently than others.
  • They respond almost immediately.
  • They ask personal questions in texts.
Pros Cons
More comfortable with chatting May appear distant
More confident in communication Over-explaining tendencies

Sharing likes and interests

Introverts value intimate conversations over trivial ones (Don’t let ANYBODY Tell You Any Different…). So if an Introvert shares a book recommendation or suggests going on a hike together? Take note – this means they trust YOU (that’s right buttercup!) enough share things they enjoy.

Finding excuses to be around you

If your introverted crush has been showing up places when he/she know s/he will find you there, whether just “coincidentally” happening past her favorite hangout spot… or actually making plans directly related towards seeing/talking with/being near)you!! definitely fan sign number two!!

The Friend Zone? Try Not To Be Fooled!

“Guys… listen me.” These subtle signals should NOT automatically give sum of courage it takes but don;t be so quick / fooled into misreading these flirtatious overtures. Friend zones happen more often than none (IT’S A TRAP!!!). If your introverted crush looks like gives signs that might indicate friendship instead of romance – oh I beg of thee! Heave thy hopes out the window !

To sum it all up:

The reality is courtship isn’t rocket science(yet mathematics might give you a more higher chance of ending up with someone). So if you pay close attention to the signs above, You may just discover that your low key introverted crush feels the same way about you as you do towards HER/HIM!!!

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