Stretches to do on your period?

Are you tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable during your period? Do you struggle with cramps and headaches? Look no further, we have the solution! By doing simple stretches during menstruation, you can relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve blood flow. Here are some top choices for stretches to do on your period:


This stretch is perfect for relaxing the muscles in the back and relieving lower back pain.

  1. Start by getting onto all fours.
  2. Slowly arch your spine upward into a “cat” position while exhaling.
  3. Next, lower your head down towards the ground as you inhale.
  4. Then arch your back downward into a “cow” position while exhaling again.
  5. Repeat this movement several times until it feels good.

Fun fact: Did you know that cows spend 8 hours a day chewing their cud? Talk about dedication!

Child’s Pose

A great pose to release tension in the hips and thighs.

  1. Start by sitting on your heels with knees slightly apart.
  2. Bend forward at the waist so that forehead touches floor while arms stretch out in front of body.
  3. Breathe deeply as hold pose for several minutes or longer if desired

Note: If knee problems should arise please seek alternative poses

Happy Baby

A fun pose that helps release tension in hips and groin area bringing joyfulness after a tough start of one’s cycle!

1) Lie flat on your back
2) Bring knees up toward chest
3) Hold onto shins loop around calfs grasping ankles feet pointing up
4) Press tailbone into mat
5) Take deep breaths through nose

To make things even more joyful why not try sourcing out an appropriate playlist filled with music full of energy; makes such exercise feel like grace rather than chore.

Figure Four

This one helps open hips and relieve lower back pain.

  1. Lie flat on your back with knees bent.
  2. Lift right leg up, hooking ankle over left knee with toes gently curling around shin bone.
  3. Slowly pull left knee towards chest until stretch is felt in hip of the elevated leg
  4. Hold position for 30 seconds to a minute then switch sides

Note: Beginners should be mindful not to force into full stretch immediately

Seated Forward Bend

Perfect for releasing tension in the pelvis, improving digestion and easing cramps discomfort

1) Sit comfortably .
2) Stretch legs forward!
3) Inhale arms overhead
4) Exhale fold at waist forward toward feet
5) If comfortable hold onto shins otherwise circle hands behind feet
6) Breathe deeply through nose

If done properly it can stimulate ovaries whilst increasing blood flow throughout abdominal region thus making menstruation’s effects more manageable

Supine Butterfly

A relaxing pose which still stretches inner thighs by allowing proper alignment of sacrum coccyx while targeting pelvic floor

1 ) Start supine lying down
2 ) Bend knees bringing soles of feet together till both heels meet
3 ) Interlock fingers under arches strengthening posture routing out bad muscle habits
4 ) Lengthen tailbone keeping everything square
5 ) Roll shoulders away from ears
into relaxed pose

Fun fact: The world record for longest time spent in butterfly posture was set by Pollyanna Pisei; she did this pose continuously for five hours straight!

Legs Up The Wall Pose

An excellent restorative posture helping to release spinal muscles along with boosting circulation . Perfect after long day which leaves you drained

1 . Reach baseboard
2 . Sit sideways alongside wall
3 . Swing legs clockwise over body extending upwards reach as far as possible but never reaching beyond capacity
4 . Remain in pose for 10 minutes at least

Note: This may require use of cushion or rolled towel placed above hip so that tension not created during execution

Sphinx Pose

A yoga posture which can help combat menstrual cramping by opening the chest

1 ) Lie flat on stomach position
2) Slowly extend arms out from shoulder-width apart till shoulders just off mat
3) Inhale deeply lifting chest up taking support whilst laying forearms flat on mat
4) Lower down gently to starting point
5) Repeat intermittently

This is a beginner-friendly pose yet be sure keep proper alignment with focus on your breath

Wide-Legged Seated Forward Bend

The perfect stretch for releasing tension and building strength in inner thigh muscles

Follow these steps;

  1. Start seated
  2. Spread legs far apart
  3. Hinge forward carefully
  4. Rest forehead atop heart opener bolster
    5 . Hands can either rest alongside feet or out front upon floor
    6). Deep breathing action

Try holding for several minutes, as duration allows greater extension improving overall flexibility

Fun fact: Did you know that flamingos sleep standing up with one leg tucked underneath their body? Talk about balance!

Take some time each day when menstruation occurs to carry out such stretches; They are great tools fully capable of providing relief from usual monthly symptoms women face.

Stretching has been scientifically proven effective at reducing effects period pains accompanied by allowing improvement when bodily functions severely weakened.

Never hesitate to try something new!

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