Step Up Your Sneaker Game: How to Tie Air Forces

If you’re a sneakerhead, then you already know that your kicks are more than just shoes. They’re an extension of who you are and what you stand for. So why settle for mediocre laces when they can be tied in style? Fear not, fellow aficionados – we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to tie your Air Forces like a boss.

Shoelace Lingo: What You Need to Know

Before we jump into the ‘how’, let’s first take a quick look at some shoelace terminology that will come in handy throughout this article:

  • Aglet: The plastic or metal tip found at the end of each lace which makes it easier to thread through eyelets
  • Eyelet: The small hole(s) where the shoelaces pass through
  • Knot: A method of tying two strings together by interweaving them
  • Lacing Pattern: The way in which you thread your shoelaces through the eyelets on your sneakers
  • Loop: A round opening created by folding over one lace end back against itself
  • Tag End (Tail): Refers to either end of a shoe string

Now that we have our terms down pat, let’s get started!

Lace swapping – revisiting basic sneaker etiquette

First things first – ditch those off-the-shelf laces that came with your kicks! If you’re serious about stepping up your sneaker game, then swapping out those cheapie laces is essential. Try playing around with contrasting colours such as white or black depending on what colourway your shoes come in, also explore different fabric options including flat wax or suede offering unique textures and elevate their personal character.

Pro-Tip: Swap out both original laces instead of using mismatched pairs so even if there aren’t any large differences in colour, swapping shoelaces will offer a statement that’ll give your shoes the freshness and distinct character they deserve.

The Double Knot: it’s more than just tying

Most people have no idea how to correctly tie their laces. What do they do? They overcompensate by double knotting which is basically looping the lace twice around each other before tying it. Wrong! This habit positively screams “novice” and we can’t have any of that in 2021.

Try this alternative technique – single tying with added loop– as shown:

• Tie a basic traditional bowknot (as you would when starting off)
• Using one tag end (tail), fold back on itself about an inch or three untill creating a small ‘bight’/loop
• Pinch down on this added loops directly against the existing leading tied bow.
• Create another loop by folding over remaining tag end;
once creased pinch at base where there are two created loops sandwiching around OG knot.
• Finally tuck second ‘tag’ behind both springs holding them close and snugly together ensuring excess tag enters invisible underlace hood — So swag-eligible!

The payoff for mastering efficient yet visually appealing shoe-lacing skills? Saving precious minutes during stressful moments like running late catching public transport while making sure you never trip whilst looking cool AF trying (You’re welcome)!

Crisscross Applesauce – Lacing Patterns:

While some people leave their kicks loose, others prefer tighter laces for stability purposes (especially if attempting tricks). If you’re part of Team Tight Laces then finding balance between functionality and style is imperative.

Enter CrissCross pattern; most common yet effective ways to keep shoes fastened snuggly without having to readjust constantly throughout wear time are criss-cross patterns such as “straight” or “over-under”. These involves threading lace into opposite sides of each eyelet creating “x” shaped design that helps secure the foot:

  • Straight Lacing: The easiest crisscross pattern involves running your laces straight across (but under) to the corresponding eyelet and then continue through to opposite. Provides straightforward, no-fuss stability with focus on the sleek symmetry!
  • OverUnder/Parrallel Under Lacing: First start off by taking one end downwards through first eyelets from top-down and ensure lace ends are aligned evenly. Thread one lace upward from underneath next toe hole alternating opposites until completely woven overlocked and secured at finish line.

Lace It Up – Four Shoelace Tips You Never Knew

It’s little details like shoelaces/lacing styles which can make a huge difference in fashion aesthetics; these extras add some flair and personality to your footwear whilst still serving their intended purpose. Here are four tips you might not have considered:

#1 – Switch it up!

Move away from conventionality by using non-traditional knotting techniques such as ‘no-tie’ or slipknots for an unconventional look appealing to exceptional sneakerheads worldwide.

#2 – Single Colour Block Lacings

Choosing Simplicity yet aesthetic unity successfully makes your Air Forces stand out without being too flamboyant drawing all eyes automatically canvassing towards them- let shoes speak for themselves without adding flashy lacings/novelty accessories stealing attention away.
Start at bottom few sets linking intermediate holes while stepping upto higher ladder of other occuring pairs such as over-under used in neat symmetrical patterns complementary enough emulating iconic designs past & present
• Take both ends of each shoe string placing identical colours next to each other
• Starting at bottom-most set of threaded shoe-holes, cross-over side-by-side created loops before inserting tag-ends down into “next”(upper) vicarious pairs
• Continue threading in respective manner and adjust for secure fit

#3 – Tuck the tag end under next adjacent lace loop

Nothing is more unsightly or haphazard as loose tags flapping about tripping someone up on the street. So why not remain inconspicuous, perfecting an understated look by tucking remaining excess tail-end shoelace underneath nearest existing loops consequently reducing friction and mishaps caused whilst inline skating all over your neighbourhood? A win-win solution which adds to overall aesthetics — savvy!

#4 – Pairify with complementary accessories

Adding things like metallic lace locks or customized tips (aglets) can add a few extra marks of individualism rooted in originality. Tie it together by adding contrasted high creativity taking shoe-lacing artistry to another level sans sneaker pimping.

It’s All About Attitude

As much as we’d love to dictate specific lacing patterns/colours etc, ultimately individual personal taste trumps all. You may never know what aesthetic combination would be next globally accepted trendsetter across world yet beyond, but you can always seek satisfaction finding basic truths conveying love demonstrated via tailor-made uniqueness transcending time/space; let customizable sneakers speak on behalf without hesitation! Cheers

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