Spruce Your Space: DIY Summer Backyard Ideas

Summer is here folks, which only means one thing for those of us with a backyard – it’s time to spruce our space and get ready for some serious lounging. Whether you are planning on hosting any BBQs or just want a cozy spot to relax in the sunshine; we’ve got some DIY backyard ideas that will transform your yard from drab to fab without breaking the bank.

The best way to start is by making an action plan

To make sure your backyard makeover goes smoothly, start by creating an action plan. Scribble down all the things you’d like to do in order of priority, so you can budget accordingly. This could be as simple as planting new vegetation or maybe getting creative with upcycling old furniture.

Once you have a list of priorities and rough estimates of material costs, decide which ones are feasible within your budget constraints. At this stage don’t worry if something seems off-budget because there’s always alternatives!

Here are some fun backyard ideas:

1- Create seating areas

This could involve buying new outdoor furniture (which isn’t cheap let me tell ya!). Alternatively, look around locally for second hand deals.

Another option would be to create seating on grassy banks using pallets or even logs cut into sections.

2- Build pergolas

Pergolas offer shade and add style while increasing property value too! They can also provide built-in benches onto flat sides leaving extra room for comfortable cushions during long summer days spent outside.

3- Optimize pathways

Are there unused corners in your garden? A winding path can give them character while dividing up functional spaces such as patios and lawns.
You really want these paths made out of natural materials such as river rocks because they give off an organic feeling but hiring someone else might eat away at your budget. If that’s the case, try a DIY option such as layering brown mulch or pea gravel.

4- Vertical garden beds

Maximize your space by building vertical gardens to elevate your greenery and herb patch. The best kind of these are ones set up using sheds (or anything else with an overhang) so water doesn’t wash out soil from higher levels.

And why stop at functional?

5- Build a mini-dream escape

You do not have to be going on vacation this year, just create little fancy corners within your backyard where people can socialize like placing outdoor bulbs around gazebo is always thoughtful or covering those types of spaces with some simple threaded hemp ropes for tight-knit feel during dusky summer evenings.

Doing it yourself? Beware…

While undertaking any DIY project, there are bound to be “oopsies”. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

6- Safety should come first.

Never take shortcuts when it comes to handling power tools especially if you are working alone without another adult nearby (use gloves too!).

7- Invest in quality materials

Even though you might see temporary savings initially by buying cheaper materials – regret will hit soon once things start breaking apart (you’re better than that).

Keep your options open

8 – Options reduce costs!

Left-over boards from previous projects could become great garden boxes!

Also consider recycling/upcycling goods already gathering dust in storage instead of purchasing something new (eco-friendly too!)

Another important thing necessary for creating great ambiance outside every day all summer long: adequate lighting!

9 – Proper lighting guarantees extended festivities after attaining daytime kip-off routine!

Strategically placed lights bring sparkles into dark corners while varying light-bulb shades can adjust atmosphere according to mood vibes

Options here range anywhere between fancy gooseneck globes on tall ground spikes and solar powered fairy lights hung over trees or bushes.


What differentiates a general outdoor space from an inviting paradise are the said “accessories”. It is imperative to get oneself weatherproof items that will make it possible for you to relax outside any given day.

10- Lay down a rug, funsies!

Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean we have leave our rugs in the dressing rooms! Braided jute ones all laid out on greenery could introduce some zest into plain grass underfoot during BBQ sessions with friends and family.

11- Hang up hammocks

For extra comfort when swinging back and forth.

They say every cloud had a silver lining

Still not sure whether this is worth putting money towards? Opting out of adventurous backyard game nights seems like quite enough reason!

As mentioned before, don’t settle for being basic…

12 – Include water features

Fountains aren’t as expensive as they used to be according to Mr Google but if you’d rather save coin tosses here’s another cool trick – build your very own tiered garden fountain using these savvy DIY tips from Pinterest boards such as creating stacked rock formations layered with beautiful plants so when water flows down each stream has its own corresponding flowerbed below 🙂

There’s always modification options available:

13 – Transform walkways

Head over to Amazon where metal tubes of varying length can act together forming swanky archway similar like at Botanical Gardens.

To complete the look – seating arrangements hold great importance. Cushions alone on hard surfaces won’t cut it (sorry).

New furniture items should fit right in with your home’s aesthetic while also serving thematically for hosting guests comfortable waiting lounge/buffet station combinations (Bob Villa Knows his Stuff)

There’s always too much pressure in looking nice…right?

Inviting outdoors should never come with ‘overburden stress’ – it’s okay to work in small increments over several weekends.

Always keep these words of wisdom in mind…

14- Alternate options for quick change-ups

When guests are set into your backyard party all excited and ready to have blast refresh that one corner of the yard where other things will happen!
For instance swapping out plants could be an easy way spicing up backyard space.

Take inspiration from some established businesses:

15 – Using commercial landscaping ideas for home-sharing spaces

For dynamic backyards; look at what professional-designed public garden areas apply through their selection flowers as well even while finding design influencers on Instagram builds endurance from likely cheaper personal projects later. (Squarespace ads got nothing on this)

And Finally..

Now, please–take some moments every day inhaling new air / relaxing among nature around you no matter what type setup chosen by you. At the end of summer season, if you’re ever caught pining away old familiar outdoor nirvana remember your spruced-up yet revamped leisure quarters.##

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