Spotting Fake Friends: When ‘Friends’ Aren’t Really Friends

Are you tired of being screwed over by people who claim to be your pal, only to find out they were using you for their own gain? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a common occurrence that can happen to anyone. The good news is, there are ways to spot these fake friends before it’s too late.

What Are Fake Friends?

Fake friends are those who pretend to care about you when in reality they have ulterior motives. They might be looking for something from you – money, connections or just someone to gossip with. They could also be trying to elevate their status by associating themselves with you and your social circle.

Why Do People Have Them?

There could be many reasons why people keep fake friends around them. Some folks might not even realize they’re dealing with one because the person has been lying so convincingly! Others may have low self-esteem and enjoy the constant attention even if it’s negative/derogatory comments made by such “friends”(). And then there are people who know they need help but believe having some type of friendship is better than none at all.

The Different Types Of Fake Friends

Knowing what kind of fake friend(s) yooure dealing with will come in handy when deciding how best to handle the situation:

  • The Opportunist: This person sees an opportunity in everything; whether it’s work promotion or borrowing cash from a buddy without any intention of paying back
  • The Social Climber: A friend whose sole purpose in life is climbing up the social ladder regardless whom he/she has hurt/harmed on his/her upward journey.
  • The Gossip Monger: These folks perpetuate rumors even if it hurts others provided gossiping satisfies one’s ego centric needs and want!
  • The Bad Influencer: These individuals try to lead their friends astray by encouraging negative behavior such as drug-taking, overspending or gambling.
  • The Needy Friend: Those that require constant attention and validation from others in order to feel loved. They may even be manipulative.

Signs of a Fake friend

Do you think one (or more) of your “friends” might be fake? Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • Is Critical & judgemental: The person always seems to have an issue with something when it comes to you
  • Never there for you when needed: When people they claim to be “your friend”, never extend helping hand during emergencies or not reaching out when badly needed.
  • Only Wants To Talk About Themselves:Have you noticed your conversations tend towards his/her interests while You just listen patiently?
  • Lies Often Or Tells Half-truths!
    Hiding personal details behind silvery coated lies is one red flag!
  • Broader Social Circle While Not Inviting You : If he/she goes on weekend getaways with the same group but doesn’t invite, chances are he/she doesn’t want/respect/needs your presence!

How To Get Rid Of A Fake Friend?

By all means necessary!!!! OK I joke (mostly). Instead:


This method involves sitting down with someone and telling them how you feel about their actions. Be honest but tactful; avoid blaming language or getting hostile yourself. Avoid having full shade throwing session.


Sometimes it’s best/simplest/necessary thing is just simply cutting someone off without making any kind of fuss Take few days break and reconnect later.

Downplay Friendship Stature

You can also choose to slowly phase them out – take longer time between responding texts/calls/hanging out etc.


In conclusion, spotting fake friends can save us from so much headache O_o Once we identify who these fake friends are, we can take action to cut them off or at least keep our distance. Remember: it’s better to have a few genuine friends who care about you than dozens of fake ones who don’t give two hoots about how you’re doing. Stay woke peeps!